Effective Parent Engagement for small schools

SchoolCues - The Parent engagement platform for the next generation

  • Designed for small schools with limited resources and technology infrastructure.
  • Communicate, engage and interact with parents in the mobile generation.
  • Web, email, teacher-parent communication app and texting tool-all integrated into one system.
  • Low-cost, with easy setup & unlimited training.

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A practical solution to simplify parent engagement!

SchoolCues Features a Rich Array of Modules

The SchoolCues Advantage - helping schools and parents stay connected.

SchoolCues works best for...

Small schools with 20-500 students with limited resources, budgets and technology infrastructure, looking to easily transition to the mobile generation for parent engagement..

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School Text Alerts

A simple interface to send unlimited group and individual text alerts in just a few seconds.

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School Newsletters

School newsletter facilitates quick and easy information delivery through an efficient contact list management system.

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A conveniently designed Announcement module that is integrated with the Newsletters and allows teachers to easily send messages and notes to parents.

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The calendar is designed by activity, by class and by child.

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Parent Teacher Conferences Scheduler

Fully automates the online scheduling process for busy teachers, administrators and parents. The parent receives email confirmations and automatic reminders.

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Incident / Accident Reports

Makes it easy for the teacher and the administrator to create and send reports and track parent acknowledgement as well.

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Contact Lists

Allows administrators and teachers to create dynamic Contact Lists for mass outreach at a school level, class level and group level.

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Class / Teacher Updates

Teachers can easily post homework assignments, class announcements, and more within minutes and is delivered directly to a parent’s inbox.

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Permission Slips

Permission Slips are of three kinds that can be sent to parents to fill out online: Absentee Slips, Tardy Slips and Activity Permission slips for field trips.

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Auto Reminders

Send automatic reminders and notifications via email and the mobile app, on or before a due date for a school, class or a parent specific activity.

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Lunch / Snack Menu Calendar

Provides a quick and easy way to view your child's school breakfast/lunch & snack menus.

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RSVPs & Sign Ups

Helps the teacher create a quick and easy custom RSVP and Sign up form online that is sent to the parents to fill out and respond in a few seconds.

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Sign Ups

Allows the easy creation of sign up lists using simple wizards, for the parents to sign up and send confirmations.

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Teachers can easily send the home works directly into the inbox of the parents.

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Forms & Documents

Easily upload Documents, Parent Contact Forms and Communication Forms, customized at a class level and at a school level as well as at a Category level for the parent to access.

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Website Design

We provide low cost complete website design, hosting and management of custom websites.

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Content Management

We offer low cost managed hosting, maintenance and content management services for small schools.

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Student Information Database*

A comprehensive data repository of your school's student and staff information including parent, medical and emergency contact information., that can be updated real time by the parent and by the school.

Security and Privacy

SchoolCues offers the highest level of web security for its users which includes among its core features the following:

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*Coming in Spring 2017

Pricing Plans

All modules include web access with up to two logins per family.



Mobile Premium


  • Mobile app is available on the iPhone and Android phone devices.
  • The cost to school starts from as low as $ 99 per month for a 12-month school year depending on the number of enrolled students.
  • Pricing is based on the number of students and the specific modules selected by the school.
  • Pricing includes unlimited training and support.
  • There is no set up fee, onetime fee or early termination fee.
  • Our commitment to you – We will do our best to accommodate your school’s unique needs.

Mobile responsive school websites made simple and affordable

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