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alumni management software

Manage and update your school alumni lists every year using the Alumni Management Module. This allows you to communicate and stay in touch with your alumni. SchoolCues, the online school management system, helps manage alumni management for small schools.

If your school is still using spreadsheets and documents to manage and update alumni lists, you know how cumbersome the process can be. Schools can miss out on huge opportunities to communicate with their alumni without an easy way to create, update and manage alumni lists.

SchoolCues Alumni Management Software Pricing

Paperless and online, SchoolCues' easy-to-maintain system is a platform for schools to host, track and manage student data. This easy-to-use online education software allows an educational institution to streamline the process of reporting data. All this comes at an attractive price for schools on a budget.

SchoolCues Alumni Management Software Pricing

alumni relations

SchoolCues simplifies communication via our alumni management solution for schools.

SchoolCues offers a robust and flexible alumni relations management solution. It is ideal for small and medium sized schools. It allows for active engagement within the alumni community. SchoolCues comes with features for managing alumni relationships, alumni payments including fundraising and donations in small or medium sized school.

The more engaged alumni are in their school, the better it is for the school, both in terms of fundraising and socially. It is important then, for schools to communicate quickly and effectively with their alumni. Hence the need for an alumni management software which sends out communications on a regular basis. Alumni find it difficult to free up time in their busy lives and to be as involved in their schools as they'd like to be. The best solution? A school information system with a free alumni communications feature.

Current users of SchoolCues rate it highly. The director of an independent school in Virginia has this to say: “SchoolCues has made communicating with parents quick, easy and convenient. Since using SchoolCues, the parents feel more involved and engaged with the school.” A principal of a small school in Chicago using the system says: “The SchoolCues platform has been of great help to our school community. The system is very easy to set up and it has improved our overall school administration.”

Traditional Alumni Relations Tools

There are several traditional alumni relations tools each of them having their own merits and demerits and yet most of them pale in comparison to a traditional alumni management software for small schools.

LinkedIn – Mainly used by the professional community for networking purposes

Email Marketing – It’s an outbound communications solution used for promotions.

Salesforce - A Good CRM tool for big and small companies

Internal Alumni Database - A static solution which are mostly home grown.

Online Alumni Directory - Can be as simple as an excel spreadsheet or an Access database

Traditional Alumni Relations Tools

Benefits of Alumni Management Software

Benefits of Alumni Management Software

A robust alumni management software offers several attractive benefits including -

  • Building an Alumni Community with community management features
  • Maintaining an Alumni Network which is a key asset to assist alumni with social networking, fundraising and mentorship
  • Building and maintaining Alumni Relations for driving better brand affinity with the school
  • Event Management with more targeted invitations for events for specific audiences
  • Alumni Engagement provides a real time engagement platform to help alumni with increased involvement and participation in regular school happenings and activities.

Best Alumni Management Software for Schools and Beyond

This section lists some of the best in class alumni management software tools that exist beyond SchoolCues. You would only list competitors where “small schools” would not be a fit. For example, higher education, universities, or large public schools.

Graduway - A robust platform for higher ed colleges and universities

Almabase - Instead of having separate tools for your email marketing, event registrations, alumni directory, and an alumni website, Almabase is a one stop alumni management software for mostly the higher education market.

Hivebrite - A powerful online community platform, Hivebrite provides large organizations with all the tools they need to build, manage, and engage their community.

360alumni - Helps organizations stay relevant in the lives of their alumni and members. It is a high-end all-in-one solution for member engagement and fundraising with a steep set up fee.

Wild Apricot – An online membership platform

SchoolCues - A free alumni management and marketing platform designed and built specifically for small K-12 schools which is fully integrated with their current school environment and comes with online payments, campaign management and fund raising features.

Best Alumni Management Software for Schools and Beyond

SchoolCues Alumni Management Software

SchoolCues is the online school management system that's effective in engaging your alumni community. It is your one-stop school management system; a student information system that offers an integrated parent engagement system, school administration system and a built-in alumni relations feature. It is a powerful online donor management system that offers everything a small school would need to manage alumni relations, fundraising and contact information. It's a school management system that parents find valuable to access via the mobile app which integrates with the online student information management system.

For more information, or to integrate this intelligent online school alumni management system and increase parental engagement in your school, visit the SchoolCues website at