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Parent Teacher Conferences: Why Sign Up Sheets and Emailed Reminders Lose Parents

ID-10071537Now that school has been in session for about a month, many schools are in the process of organizing their first round of parent/teacher conferences. Scheduling parent conferences can be a cumbersome process. Many schools continue to use low tech… Continue Reading →

Parents Give Schools Failing Grades on Use of Technology to Engage

When it comes to using technology in schools, only 56% of parents feel that the schools their children attend have adequate technology. This was the finding of a recent survey from the Center for the Digital Future. Now, for most… Continue Reading →

Here’s why parents aren’t engaging with your school

Whether you’ve found yourself desperately searching for fundraiser volunteers or are simply wondering why parents don’t seem be very involved in their children’s academic lives, you’ve probably noticed that parents at your school aren’t as engaged as you would like… Continue Reading →

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