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Three Marketing Challenges for Small and Private Schools

There are three fundamental marketing challenges facing small and private schools today – Marketing to prospective parents who are their true customers Increasing enrollment Engaging new and existing parents using modern communication solutions And most importantly, doing all of the… Continue Reading →

Smart Phones and Parents: What Schools Need to Compete

According to a recent Nielsen study, a typical U.S. adult will spend over 34 hours per month on the internet using their smart phones. 64% of the U.S. adult population is using smart phones, and the number is climbing. Of… Continue Reading →

Do your parents speak ” BRB – LOL – TTYL – IMHO”?

Communicating with the Twitter Generation of Parents We are living in times where the average length of written communication is getting progressively shorter… (LOL, TTYL, OMG….! ) while the average length and format of school communications has remained relatively unchanged… Continue Reading →

Parents are ahead and schools are behind. Change is painful.

But if schools continue doing what they have been doing, they will keep getting what they have been getting…the disengaged parent! Once a child is enrolled in a school, parents rarely access school websites to retrieve information; they prefer to… Continue Reading →

Schools are taking parental engagement more seriously

Have you heard the news? The Los Angeles Unified School District has just hired its first Social Media Director, who will be responsible for updating the district’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, uploading YouTube videos, helping some schools create websites, and… Continue Reading →

Are schools embracing technology and social media to communicate with parents ?

There is a so much buzz these days about the medium a school adapts to communicate with and engage parents. Studies after studies have shown that better engaged parents translate to better performing students. Schools which have moved into the… Continue Reading →

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