Crypto Payments for Small Schools

Pay tuition and other school fees with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies

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You may have heard it on the news. Wharton Business School is now accepting Bitcoin payments for tuition. The time has come when schools start to become more flexible in their payment methods. Parents are demanding easier payment methods to reduce the amount of time spent on making school payments. To support this ongoing transformation in school payments, SchoolCues is happy to announce that we are offering crypto payments for small schools! Supported cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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How Does This Work?

Within our payments module, we allow schools to offer various payment methods for their parents. This includes ACH, credit card, cash & check payments. We are now offering ‘Crypto’ as a form of payment within this module. Schools are able to choose whether they want to enable this feature or not within their SchoolCues portal. If they decide to enable it, this will allow parents to make payments for tuition, one-time, and subscription fees through cryptocurrencies.

Increased Presence of Crypto in Education

There are few schools that currently allow parents and students to pay with crypto. However, the demand for Bitcoin and other crypto payments has been increasing day by day. Every day, there is news on advancements in this form of e-payment, and the education industry is quickly picking up on this demand. SchoolCues has also received numerous requests to start offering crypto as a payment method for small schools. As a future-focused company, SchoolCues is excited to venture into this field and provide payment solutions that are in line with the normalities of tomorrow. Our goal is to ease the payment process for our parents by offering multiple forms of payments to pay for school fees and tuition.

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Crypto Payments

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