Low-cost online school payment solutions for small schools

Simplify and customize tuition and online payments for school activities

Starting from just $ 75.00/month

Secure Payment Modules

An Efficient, Robust Payment System


Know what payments are for; whether it's tuition fees, cafeteria dues, or field trip charges.


Dues and fees organized by category, to make payment easy for both school and parents.


Accessible any time, parents access current dues, tuition, fees for their student easily.


School payment information available at the tips of your fingers, anytime, anywhere.


Set up reminders for payments and allow parents to make payments by ACH/Credit cards.


Individually tailored fees, dues and payments, with easy access for parents and administration.

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Why Choose SchoolCues?

Parents and small schools need a one-stop school management system with an integrated online payment and billing system to help manage school payments.

A simple, effective and low-cost method to handle payments will allow schools to better educate young minds.

SchoolCues is the premier online school management system for small schools – Montessori schools, Independent schools, Christian schools, Charter schools, and more – that is effective in engaging parents.

For more information to integrate this intelligent online school management system and increase parental engagement by simplifying your school administration, visit the SchoolCues website at www.schoolcues.com.

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