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School Announcements simplified for the mobile parent

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Welcome to the Mobile world of the millennial parent

Welcome to the digital age! With most forms of business conducted online and via mobile phones, we have significantly reduced our need for paper. Information comes to us instantly. From email to text message to social media, we are fully connected. Mobile devices have become the defacto means of conducting business. Many of us pay bills, bank, schedule events, shop, and even work directly from our cell phones.

Why should parent engagement in schools be left behind in a time warp stuck in the old fashioned way of doing business?

Schools recognize they must advance technologically. They realize that mobile is the way to go to save valuable time and money.

Over 75% of small schools face declining enrollment and / or budgets year over year. With limited technology infrastructure and resources, they are constantly in search of that ideal solution to market to and engage with parents. There has been a rapid decline in web traffic as more users receive their content and on mobile devices. Still, a vast majority of small schools continue to rely on the web as their main engine of content dissemination. What's a school to do?

School announcements simplified for the mobile parent

SchoolCues delivers school notifications

SchoolCues delivers school announcements

Enter: SchoolCues! A revolutionary communication system, SchoolCues is a tool unlike any other, providing services such as text notifications, class and teacher updates, parent conference schedulers, incident and accident reports, and auto reminders among others. For school announcements, it is a system that cannot be beat. SchoolCues school announcements are quick, easy to create and are consumed easily.

SchoolCues delivers high quality, relevant information to parents in a timely manner.

SchoolCues offers low-cost and reliable parent notification and engagement solutions services. From classroom to phone, this highly innovative system allows teachers to communicate with parents quickly and in real time. School announcements, newsletters, reminders, homework information, and class and student updates are sent instantly when needed to inform parents of their child's progress. Any issues in the class room can be handled quickly, and any questions or parental concerns can be answered immediately.

SchoolCues makes it easy to now incorporate it into the school day.

Group and individual text messaging between parent and school is one of the flagship features of the SchoolCues system. We already use our cell phones for texting and communicating, and SchoolCues makes it easy to now incorporate it into the school day.

Current users of SchoolCues rate it highly. The director of a Montessori school in Arizona has this to say: "SchoolCues has made communicating with parents very quick, easy and convenient. Since using SchoolCues, the parents feel more involved and engaged with the school". A principal of a preparatory academy in Chicago using the system says: "The SchoolCues platform has been of great help to our school staff, teacher and parent community. The system is very easy to set up and it has greatly improved our communication with the parents".

For more information, or to integrate this successful parent communication platform into your schools daily use, visit the SchoolCues website at

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