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School Messaging simplified for the mobile parent.

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Instantly notify parents with important announcements, upcoming events or updates

Small schools need a school messaging system that can quickly and easily notify parents of upcoming events or updates. In an attempt to solve this problem, schools have created school messaging systems. However, most of them are expensive, time-consuming, cumbersome to use and in several cases, one dimensional (just one feature).

These notification systems are difficult to adopt and expensive, with an initial setup fee along with the integration and service fees. Parents pay approximately $3-$5 per child each year. It also takes time to enroll parents.

Of course, there is always good-old email. But these have issues with delivery, speed and ever-crowded inbox. Most parents are pressed for time in this increasingly mobile world. So a quick and simple text message should be the solution - only if it's an affordable and viable solution.

School text messaging simplified for the mobile parent.

School text messaging that are easy to access and read

SchoolCues text messaging is quick, easy, affordable and does the job

Enter: SchoolCues! A revolutionary communication system, text messages from SchoolCues can be created, and sent out to one, a few or all of your school's audience in less than 60 seconds. School administrators valuable time and money. SchoolCues is not just for sending text messages either. With its many parent communication and notification services, SchoolCues is a tool unlike any other, providing services such as alerts, notifications, class and teacher updates, parent conference schedulers, incident and accident reports, and auto reminders among others.

Text Cues is a notification system to facilitate school text messaging

Text Cues is a notification system to facilitate school messaging. The most remarkable feature in this product is that it has a simple interface. Users can send group or individual text messages in just seconds. These messages are targeted, short and provide high-quality, relevant information to parents. Delivered in an attention-grabbing style, communication from SchoolCues will not go unread as traditional paper communication might.

Users of SchoolCues rate it highly. The director of a Montessori school in Arizona has this to say: "SchoolCues has made communicating with parents very quick, easy and convenient. Since using SchoolCues, the parents feel more involved and engaged with the school". The principal of a preparatory academy in Chicago says: "The SchoolCues platform has been of great help to our school staff, teacher and parent community. The system is very easy to set up and it has greatly improved our communication with the parents".

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SchoolCues made quick and convinient communicating with parents