School Text Messaging

School Text Messaging simplified for the mobile parent.

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Parents are busy. Super busy!

Parents are busy with work commitments, so they're not able to keep abreast of paper communication from their children's school. They are ready to adopt new technology to keep in touch with their children's schools. However, schools are not ready to waste precious resources on expensive methods of technological communications.

Over 75% of small schools face declining enrollment and / or budgets year over year. With limited technology infrastructure and resources, they are constantly in search of that ideal solution to market to and engage with parents. There has been a rapid decline in web traffic as more users receive their content on mobile devices as school text messaging. Still, a vast majority of small schools continue to rely on the web as their main engine of content dissemination. What's a school to do?

School text messaging simplified for the mobile parent.

School text messages that are easy to create, send access and read

School text messages are easy to create, send access and read, all in less than two minutes

Enter: SchoolCues! A revolutionary communication system, SchoolCues enables a school to send unlimited text messages that are easy to access and read, saving school administrators valuable time and money. Text Cues, an SMS-based application, facilitates school text messaging between teachers and parents in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

SchoolCues is not just for school text messaging either. With its many parent communication and notification services, SchoolCues is a tool unlike any other, providing services such as newsletters, class and teacher updates, parent conference schedulers, incident and accident reports, and auto reminders among others.

Quick and easy communications using school text messaging via SchoolCues

SchoolCues facilitates quick and easy communications to provide relevant information to parents. With their attention-grabbing style, SchoolCues communications don't go unread as many of the traditional paper newsletters do.

SchoolCues is a powerful and innovative system designed to maximize parental engagement. It's been shown that parental involvement plays a vital role in determining the academic and social success of a child. With smaller schools struggling to switch to high end communication programs to save them money and paper in the long run, SchoolCues is truly the low-cost answer that small schools are looking for.

Current users of SchoolCues rate it highly. The director of a Montessori school in Arizona has this to say: "SchoolCues has made communicating with parents very quick, easy and convenient. Since using SchoolCues, the parents feel more involved and engaged with the school". A principal of a preparatory academy in Chicago using the system says: "The SchoolCues platform has been of great help to our school staff, teacher and parent community. The system is very easy to set up and it has greatly improved our communication with the parents".

For more information, or to integrate this successful parent communication platform into your schools daily use, visit the SchoolCues website at

SchoolCues made quick and convinient communicating with parents