Online school signups for small schools

Track, manage and coordinate school activities

School Signup Modules

Scheduling School Activities Made Easy

Scheduling Activities

Whether it's field day, a classroom celebration, or a parent-teacher conference, online signup simplifies the volunteering process.


Planning, volunteering and signing up online is simple and navigated in a few easy and intutive clicks.

Saves Resources

Say goodbye to paper signup sheets. This online platform for signups saves paper, effort and time.

Breadth of Activities

Organize class parties or collect payments / fees. Perform various similar activities - with the Signups feature.


Part of the student information management system, the Signup module will not break the bank.

Reliable Support

Unlimited training and support for any questions or issues that you may face as a student or a parent.

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Why Choose SchoolCues?

Parents and small schools need a one-stop school management system with an integrated Signup system.

A simple, effective and low-cost method to handle signups will allow schools to focus on educating young minds.

SchoolCues is the premier online school management system for small schools – Montessori schools, Independent schools, Christian schools, Charter schools, and more – that is highly effective in engaging parents.

For more information to integrate this intelligent online school management system and increase parental engagement by simplifying your school administration, visit the SchoolCues website

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