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An Efficient and Robust Student Information System – From SchoolCues, Your School Connector

Are you a small school on a budget? Are you looking for a cost-effective online enrollment and student information system? Are you trying to streamline your student Information processes? Are you spending hours on end trying to maintain student records? Are you inundated with paper? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then we, at SchoolCues, have the perfect solution to organize and manage all your students' information.

As leaders in the school communication area, we are singularly equipped to provide the expertise to make the business of managing information easy for staff, students and parents. No more reams of paper to manage. No more lost information. And no wasted hours spent on routine paperwork. Our student information system allows you to excel at what you do best, and that is educate young minds. SchoolCues Student Information System (SIS) is a cost-effective, convenient, and powerful centralized platform for hosting and managing student data in small schools.

Benefits of The SchoolCues Online Student Information System for Small schools

Entirely paperless and online, SchoolCues' easy-to-maintain student information system is a platform for schools to host, track and manage student data. This easy to use school information system allows an educational institution to streamline the process of reporting data. And all this comes at an attractive price for schools on a budget, starting from just $ 99.00 a month.

SchoolCues has made the process easy by allowing you to use pre-created forms from pre-defined fields. Users can easily update different sets of contact information. Examples include: student information, medical contact information, family information, emergency contact information, parent information and more. And that is just contact information. Delving deeper, you'll see any school has several kinds of information they need about a student, not limited to the above list. For example, under health information alone, there are categories such as health conditions, medications, allergies and immunizations. There's more – student pick up, credit card information, picture/video release forms, document proofs such as proof of residence and birth certificates. Small wonder then, that schools are overwhelmed.

It isn't great news, given the sheer volume of information a school must manage, that some of a school's information gets lost in the shuffle and storage of paper. With the student information system from SchoolCues, information is always easy to retrieve and is never lost. It makes schools more efficient, cutting both time and expense.

The student information system from SchoolCues is --
  • Online and easy to manage
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to retrieve
  • Easy to update and maintain
  • Not time consuming
  • Paperless

The SchoolCues online student information system offers the perfect solution for small schools with limited budgets, limited technology infrastructure and limited resources to move to a paperless world. Which is not a surprise considering SchoolCues is already a leader in the school communications area. Contact SchoolCues for further information and schedule a demo today.