Online learning can be demanding and challenging. In online learning, it is harder to know if you are doing well than in-person classes where instructors implement various in-person learning to grab your attention. However, you can follow these tips that will help you stay motivated and focused while being more productive when learning online.


1. Pay attention to online discussion boards and social media groups. When you are on your computer, you should be active in online discussion boards and participating in discussions with the people following the same program/course. This allows you to practice skills you need to learn while interacting with other online participants who have similar goals.

2. Take online quizzes and tests honestly, even though you may be tempted to cheat on the online exams. When online learners take quizzes and tests, they should do their best because instructors implement auto-graders in online courses that can detect if students are trying to cheat or plagiarize when taking tests online.

3. Study online by going over the course material again and again before taking quizzes or tests. Also, you should try to solve problems assigned in your courses, so you can practice skills similar to what will be on online exams.

4. Do not procrastinate with online assignments. When you receive assignments, you should try to do the work as soon as possible. Online instructors monitor your progress throughout the course and give you feedback on online quizzes or tests if you finish your homework early.

5. Avoid distractions when using your computer, mobile devices, etc., while studying online. Online learners should get rid of distractions. Do not watch videos online for entertainment or spend time online browsing social media when you are supposed to be working on an assignment.

6. Practice again and again until you feel comfortable with the online material. You should try to remember online lessons and information to retain this information when taking online quizzes or tests.

The activities listed above allow you to be more productive when learning online. Online instructors have students use these strategies because it helps improve the quality of online courses for the students. Online learners who use the strategies listed above are more likely to get good grades in courses because they will be more productive and study better online.