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Monthly Engagement Numbers for Schools & Parents


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Incident Reports


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The Intelligent Parent Engagement Platform for Small Schools

  • Designed for small schools with limited resources and technology infrastructure.
  • Communicate, engage and interact with parents in the mobile generation.
  • Web, email, teacher-parent communication app and texting tool-all integrated into one system.
  • Low-cost, with easy setup & unlimited training.

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A practical solution to simplify parent engagement!

SchoolCues features an array of powerful modules

The SchoolCues Advantage - helping schools and parents stay connected.


    A simple interface to send unlimited group and individual text alerts in just a few seconds

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  • Newsletters

    School newsletter facilitates quick and easy information delivery through an efficient contact list

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  • Announcements

    A conveniently designed Announcement module that is integrated with the Newsletters and allows teachers

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  • Contact Lists

    Allows administrators and teachers to create dynamic Contact Lists for mass outreach at a school level

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  • Incident Reports

    Makes it easy for the teacher and the administrator to create and send reports and track parent acknowledgement

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  • Permission Slips

    Permission Slips are of three kinds that can be sent to parents to fill out online: Absentee Slips, Tardy Slips

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  • RSVP & Sign Up

    Helps the teacher create a quick and easy custom RSVP and Sign up form online that is sent to the parents

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  • Sign Up

    Allows the easy creation of sign up lists using simple wizards, for the parents to sign up and send confirmations

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  • Attendance

    Easily track school attendance information for students at different grade levels.

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  • Daily Report

    Daily Reports for Infants and Toddlers and for K-8 to keep the parent updated every day.

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  • Homework

    Teachers can easily send the home works directly into the inbox of the parents.

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  • Auto Reminders

    Send automatic reminders and notifications via email and the mobile app, on or before a due date for a school

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  • Security & Privacy

    SchoolCues offers the highest level of web security for its users which includes among its core features the following:

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Powerful Features at an Affordable Price for Small Schools on a Budget

  • The cost to school starts from as low as $ 99 per month for a 12-month school year depending on the number of enrolled students.
  • All modules include web access with up to two logins per family
  • Free mobile app for all parents on all iPhone and Android devices.
  • Pricing includes unlimited training and support.
  • There is no set up fee, one-time fee or early termination fee.
  • Our commitment to you – We will do our best to accommodate your school’s unique needs.


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  • Adam Montessori
  • Adam Montessori
  • Bridges Middle School
  • Camino Montessori
  • Convenant Classical Academy
  • Cortel You Academy
  • Creo School
  • Dakota Montessori
  • Keystone Montessori
  • Marin Preparatory School
  • Mcminncille Adventist
  • Montessori Children's House
  • Oak Meadow
  • Ring Mountain Day
  • SCS
  • St. Marin Community
  • Village Free School
  • Santa Barbara Montessori
  • Joliet
  • Charlotte Montessori School
  • Victory Academy
  • Victory Baptist Academy

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