Afterschool care can be an excellent opportunity for kids to stay active and engaged while having fun. Here is a fun daycare activities list that the children in your care will love:

#1: Scavenger Hunt

One of the top daycare activities is to have a scavenger hunt. Hide items around the room or outside and let the kids go on a hunt to find them. You can make it a competition by dividing them into teams or see who can find the most items the quickest.

#2: Simon Says

A classic game that is always a hit with kids. Take turns being Simon and giving instructions like “Simon says touch your nose.” If someone doesn’t do what Simon says or does something Simon didn’t say, they’re out.

#3: Musical Chairs

A classic game with a twist – instead of chairs, use pillows or blankets. Play music and have the kids walk around the “chairs”. When the music stops, they need to sit on a “chair”. The person without a “chair” is out. Musical chairs often helps to get kids moving, and it is always a fun game!

#4: Balloon Pop

Fill up some water balloons and let the kids have at them. You can make it a competition to see who can pop the most balloons or see who can keep their balloon from popping the longest. Another game with balloons involves not letting it touch the floor for as long as possible. This will definitely keep children occupied.

#5: Hula-Hoop

See who can keep the hula-hoop going the longest or have a hula hoop race. Have the children hold hands in a circle and have each of them try to get through the hoop as fast as possible without disconnecting. There are so many activities you can do with hula-hoops!

#6: Freeze Dance

Play some music and have the kids dance around. When the music stops, they need to freeze in place. The last person to freeze is out. Dancing is a great way to keep the kids moving while having fun.

#7: Arts & Crafts

Get creative with some arts and crafts projects. Have the children make cards for their parents, build houses out of popsicle sticks, or decorate picture frames. Even a simple coloring page will do. It is always good to nurture children’s creativity.

#8: Dress-Up

Let the kids dress up in costumes or old clothes and put on a fashion show or play pretend. Playing pretend is so important for children’s creativity and imaginations. Playing dress-up helps children form relationships and have fun at the same time.

#9: Obstacle Course

If you have the space, obstacle courses are always a fun time! Set up the obstacle course using chairs, blankets, pillows, cones, or whatever else you have around. Time the kids to see who can complete the course the quickest.

#10: Outside Play

Weather permitting, head outside for some fun. Play tag, hopscotch, or jump rope. Or just let the kids run around and burn off some energy. It is so important for children to play outside and be in the sun, especially after being at school all day.

There are so many fun daycare activities that you can do with the kids in your care. These are just a few daycare activity ideas to get you started. With a little bit of creativity, you can develop even more ideas to keep the kids entertained and engaged. So get out there and have some fun!

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