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Early Childhood Assessments in Catholic Schools: Ensuring Equity and Inclusion

Early childhood education forms the foundation of a child’s academic journey, impacting their intellectual, emotional, and social development. Historically, Catholic schools have nurtured young minds with compassion and faith-based teachings. For Catholic schools to adhere to the principles of equity… Continue Reading →

Automated Admission and Enrollment Processes in Islamic Schools: Benefits and Challenges

Automated processes are making their way into many sectors, including education. Islamic schools also utilize automated admissions and enrollment processes because of their unique cultural and religious context. Integrating automation into student admission and enrollment in Islamic schools is essential,… Continue Reading →

Automating the Admission and Enrollment Processes in Catholic Schools: The Path to Success

Catholic schools have a long-standing tradition of providing quality education and instilling strong values in students. Nevertheless, they face numerous administrative challenges, particularly when it comes to admissions and enrollment. Increasingly, Catholic schools are automating these processes to streamline processes… Continue Reading →

12 Long-Term Goals Every Pre-K-12 Program Should Have

As a pre-K-12 program, you want to set teaching goals and objectives that will help your students succeed not only in school but also in life. But what are the best goals to set? Here is a list of 12… Continue Reading →

School Administrators: How Quickly Can Parents Access Information in These 5 Key Areas?

As attention spans shorten and schedules get more hectic, parents are more pressed for time than ever before. That means they need to be able to access key school communications faster and with less effort. There are five key things… Continue Reading →

Is Your School Challenged by The Three ‘E’s – Enrollment, Economics and Engagement?

While parents and kids are staying on top of the blistering pace of technology, small schools are falling behind in their adoption of modern methods to communicate and engage with their parents. Small school administrators are constantly challenged with the… Continue Reading →

Here is What You Don’t Know About Parent/School Communications

While most small and private schools dedicate thousands of dollars each year to make sure their classroom technology is up to date, that same dedication is less common when it comes to deploying technology to communicate with parents. The gap… Continue Reading →

Seven Signs Your School-To-Parent Communication Is in a Time Warp.

The Reality in School Parent Engagement – Is Your School Moving Forward or Going Backward? Small schools are falling behind the times if they continue to …. Communicate and engage parents primarily through websites or newsletters. Use benevolent parents or… Continue Reading →

The 80-20 rule for schools to engage parents in the mobile generation

Blogs, websites, Facebook pages, printed and digital newsletters (anything more than a page does not get read), calendars, twitter updates and personal reminders…the school’s communication arsenal continues to increase …and school resources and front desks are stretched thin, … if… Continue Reading →

Parent Teacher Conferences: Why Sign Up Sheets and Emailed Reminders Lose Parents

Now that school has been in session for about a month, many schools are in the process of organizing their first round of parent/teacher conferences. Scheduling parent conferences can be a cumbersome process. Many schools continue to use low-tech methods,… Continue Reading →

Three Marketing Challenges for Small and Private Schools

There are three fundamental marketing challenges facing small and private schools today – Marketing to prospective parents who are their true customers Increasing enrollment Engaging new and existing parents using modern communication solutions And most importantly, doing all of the… Continue Reading →

When Parents Have ‘Too Much Going On’ to Engage With Schools

When parents tell you they’d like to be more involved but just have ‘too much going on’, that should be the beginning of your conversation with them, not the end. Let’s face it, today’s parent is more stressed out than… Continue Reading →

Ten Parent Excuses for Not Staying Engaged with Your School

Engaging today’s mobile parents in the “Me Generation Schools are operating in a time where the parental expectations are high. Schools are struggling to keep up to the growing demands of their parents while maintaining parental loyalty and the enrollment… Continue Reading →

Small and Private Schools: Think You Can’t Afford to Offer Parents a Mobile App? You Can’t Afford Not To!

If your private or small school is still holding off providing a mobile app for parents to access information via their smart phones, you may be losing both the mind share and revenue of an increasing segment of your parent… Continue Reading →

How Mobile Solutions Impact School Enrollment Numbers

Competitive edge has become more critical than ever in the ongoing battle for students. Private schools, especially small schools, are ever on the search for new ways to ignite enrollment and gain an edge against the growing number of options… Continue Reading →

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