Field trips as a learning experience have been proven to be an effective way of getting students excited about the things they’re learning. However, it can also be a safety concern right now with the COVID-19 pandemic going on. Understandably, some teachers might be a little wary about taking their kids out of the safety net of their school. Luckily, there are some 5 COVID-friendly field trips you can do with your small group without having to worry about pandemic exposure.

Planning a Field Trip? Here Are 5 Ideas…

Yes, it is possible to plan field trips that are safe during this pandemic time. Here are some options to help you plan your next trip.

1. Road Trip—Drive or Bus?

A road trip might be on your mind for this field trip. However, you should consider if everyone will fit in the vehicle or if taking a bus would be more feasible. It is also helpful to know how many people are going so that gas doesn’t run out halfway there!

2. Local Farms

Not all farm animals carry COVID-19, so visiting a local dairy or farm would not be dangerous. Your school can even possibly get in touch with the owner to see if they can bring their cattle over to your field for show and tell!

3. Museum or Art Gallery

Visiting a museum or an art gallery is another good field trip idea. However, you should probably warn your students about not touching anything, not only because of the rules but also because there are still some pieces that could be infectious.

4. The Park

Taking a trip to the park is a great way for your school to bond together. If you plan on having cookouts and fun outdoor games, be sure to pack some extra sunscreen! Since everyone is spread far apart in parks, there is not much of a risk to get sick.

5. Zoo or Aquarium

The zoo and aquarium can easily be turned into a COVID-19 friendly experience if everyone follows simple rules. Remind the students to wash their hands often, and allow them to only look at the animals from outside of the glass.

Stay Safe From COVID by Following These Safety Tips

Acquiring COVID is never fun, but there are ways to avoid it during field trips. Here is a list of safety tips that your school should keep in mind during the next expedition.

– Make sure all students and staff have been vaccinated prior to the trip.

– Don’t go near any wild or feral animals.

– Have everyone sanitize their hands every 30 minutes, or after any activity.

– Only eat food after your hands have been sanitized first! Even better, wash your hands when you can.

– Don’t touch anything that looks unsanitary.

– Always evacuate an area if your friends show signs of COVID infection.

– Practice social distancing.

Field trips are a great way to learn, but the COVID pandemic has made it hard for schools to go on them. However, with these five COVID friendly field trips and the accompanying safety tips, your school can still take students out and about safely. Just make sure you follow the instructions carefully, and everyone will have a great time.

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