Admissions & enrollment software is vital to any small school. It helps manage the influx of new and returning students, tracks grades and other important information, and even provides communication tools for parents and staff. It is a great tool to utilize, especially when you have a smaller staff. However, there are some features you should keep in mind when looking for an admission management system or a student enrollment management system.

Every School Needs an Admissions & Enrollment Software

First, here are three reasons why every school needs an admissions software!

#1: To Streamline the Process

When a student applies to your school, the admissions software automates and streamlines the process. Documents can be uploaded and stored in an easily accessible format, and communication between parents, students, and staff is streamlined. This not only saves time but also ensures that all information is collected and tracked properly.

#2: To Keep Track of Student Data

It is important to keep track of a student’s data from the time they apply until they graduate. This includes everything from their transcripts and contact information to their test scores and disciplinary records. The admissions software can store all this data in one place and make it easily accessible. This can help you track a student’s progress and even forecast their graduation date.

#3: To Communicate with Parents

One of the main functions of admissions software is to communicate with parents. They need to be able to easily access information about their child’s grades, transcripts, and disciplinary records. The software should also have a built-in communication system so that parents can easily contact the school administration. This can help resolve any issues or problems as quickly as possible.

There are many more reasons for your school to use admissions software, but these are three very important reasons to consider!

5 Features Your Admissions and Enrollment Management System Should Have

Now that we have established why every school needs an admissions software, let’s take a look at five features your software should have!

#1: Ease to Use Interface

The admissions software should be easy to use for both administrators and parents. The interface should be intuitive and user-friendly, with all the important information easily accessible.

#2: Flexible Reporting Capabilities

The software should have robust reporting capabilities so that you can track a student’s progress over time. This includes everything from grades to disciplinary records. Checking their enrollment status and how far along their are in the admissions process is important!

#3: A Calendar Feature

The calendar feature is important for both administrators and parents. It allows parents to see when their child’s classes are and also when important deadlines are approaching. For administrators, the calendar can be used to keep track of school events and activities.

#4: A Communication System

The communication system should be easy to use and should allow for both text and email communication. It should also have a messaging system so that parents can communicate with each other. All of the parents contact information should be able to be stored in one place for convenience.

#5: An Online Portal

The online portal is a great feature for parents. It allows them to access all the information they need about their child, such as grades, transcripts, and disciplinary records. It also allows them to communicate with the school administration and other parents. They can also view their status on the admissions and enrollment process.

Remember these important features when you start to consider using a admissions information management system.

Admissions software is an important tool for any school. It helps streamline the admissions process, keep track of student data, and communicate with parents. It is important to choose a software that has all the features your school needs, to make the admissions process run smoothly.

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