Whether you’re just starting the admissions process, interviewing for an open position, or about to close your waitlist, it’s important to have a list of good admissions and enrollment questions to ask prospective parents. In addition, it is good to get to know the parents of your potential students. After all, you will be interacting with them quite a bit. Getting to know the parents is just as important as the students!


4 Tips on Properly Admitting Students to Your School

Here are four tips on properly admitting new students to your school.

#1: Don’t Assume

Don’t make assumptions about students based on stereotypes. For example, don’t assume that a student from a large city school won’t flourish in your small-town school. Conversely, don’t assume that a child from a small country school will have trouble adjusting to life in your big-city school! If you already know the parents of the students, don’t assume that they’ll be able to handle the admissions process.

#2: Be Honest with Yourself and Parents

Ensure that you are honest about what your school can offer prospective students. Don’t promise anything that cannot be delivered! Also, keep in mind that parents will want to know why their child is not a good fit for your program. Parents want to know what they can do to help their child succeed at your school, so be honest!

#3: Don’t Give Up Easily

Don’t give up on students too quickly, even if you’re not sure that they will fit in with the other students in your school. Keep an open mind and check in with parents from time to time. Sometimes, a student will take more effort than warranted at first but will turn out to be an amazing member of the community. Other times, students might fit right in without any effort at all on your part!

#4: Be Transparent

Parents want to know what they are getting from your school. Be transparent about the curriculum, admissions process, and clubs offered at your school! Parents will appreciate knowing exactly where their children will be spending their time during the day. In addition, parents can help you with fundraisers and other special events that might make your school an even better place for students.

Keep these four tips in mind when you want to begin admitting students into your school!


5 Important Admissions and Enrollment Questions You Should Ask Prospective Parents

Now, it’s time to look at the five most important admissions and enrollment questions to ask your prospective families!

#1: What Are You Looking For in a School?

Parents have different needs. Some parents want a school that focuses on the arts, while others might be looking for a strong STEM program. Some schools focus on outdoor exploration, while others offer courses in leadership and collaboration. Make sure to find out what your prospective parents are looking at when they look at a school.

#2: How Long Are You Looking to Stay?

This is an important question, as some parents are looking for a three-year commitment from their child while others might be willing to leave the education process open-ended. If a parent is looking for a three-year commitment, they will expect you to help their child graduate. On the other hand, parents who are looking for an open-ended commitment will want to know exactly what you expect of their students.

#3: What’s Most Important to Your Child?

Parents have different priorities for education, so find out what their child is most excited about learning! If you already have a good idea of what your school teaches, ask parents what they think their child’s interests are. While you’re at it, ask them what subject or activity their child is most passionate about!

#4: How Can We Help Your Child Be Successful?

Parents will appreciate knowing exactly how you expect their child to be successful at your school. Do you need them to attend every day? Will you be able to provide transportation during the winter months? What about lunch? Find out exactly what parents can do to help their child be successful in your program!

#5: What Are Your Child’s Goals This Year?

This is also an important question, as you might find that your school does not fit the goals of your prospective parents’ children! Don’t make promises about what you cannot deliver, and be open and honest with your students and their families. Sometimes, this is just a simple mistake on part of the admissions person, but other times it’s because there are hidden financial or other obligations that will cause a parent to drop out.

In the end, admission is a process that should be engaging and open for both parties! Make sure that you are honest with parents about your expectations and your school’s programs, but still, give them a reason to enroll their children at your school!

Remember these five important questions to ask prospective parents as you go through the admissions process! Parents will appreciate that you took the time to get to know them and their interests, as this shows that your school is friendly and welcoming. At the same time, be sure to stay transparent and honest about your goals for students and what they can expect from attending your school!

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