In the competitive world of education, teachers are always striving to do more and go above and beyond for their students. This often leads to burnout from working 60-hour weeks doing work that should be shared with a team of teachers or assistants. Administrators can utilize school management software to help alleviate this problem by delegating tasks to everyone in the school to prevent overworking teachers. This software will also help you organize and prioritize tasks, monitor student progress and attendance, plan your curriculum, and create professional reports for grant applications.

Along With Students, Don’t Forget to Manage Your Teachers Online!

At the end of the day, we all need to be managed and organized. Even though teachers don’t report to work in a factory with bells ringing and lines forming, they too need organizational skills to keep their classrooms running efficiently. The challenge comes when you have more than 25 or so teachers on your campus because it can be hard to keep up with each one’s daily tasks. School management software is the best way to monitor and manage activity throughout your school because teachers can keep track of students’ grades, progress reports, attendance records, discipline issues, special needs accommodations, and any other information that will help you and them do their jobs.

Here are some other ways that you can use school management software to manage teachers:

1. Teachers Can Create Their Own Lesson Plans Using School Management Software

Teachers should always be prepared for each day of the week, but sometimes the schedules are unpredictable. If a sub is called in or you decide to have an assembly, it’s important that your teachers know what they should do with their students during this time period. Also, if any students are absent unexpectedly, your teachers need to be able to adapt and teach the lesson that was planned with these students in mind.

2. Use School Management Software To Report Student Attendance

If a student misses a day of class, it is important for your teachers to know this information so they can still provide a full lesson plan. There are often times when a student will only miss one or two days out of the entire year. It is important to use school management software that allows your teachers to easily see who was absent and what lesson plans they missed so they can teach them later.

3. …And Track Student Progress

Your students won’t learn if they miss class, so it’s important for teachers to know which lessons each student is behind on. Using school management software that can track attendance, teachers can quickly figure out who was absent and what they missed. It will then allow your teachers to plan lessons that are catered to each students’ needs so they know no one is falling behind academically.

4. Create Professional Reports For Grant Applications, Donations, And Parent Meetings

Using school management software designed for teachers and administrators makes it easy to generate professional reports. These reports can be used for grant applications that help your school purchase new equipment or fund field trips. You can also use them to create a presentation of the current status of your students’ academic progress for any parent meetings or PTA fundraisers.

5. Help Your Teachers Keep Track Of Their Curriculum With School Management Software

Sometimes teachers get caught up in the curriculum and forget about other things that need to be done around the school. School management software will help them keep track of what needs to get done and when, so they can make sure to get these tasks completed. This will help them stay organized, which in turn helps keep students accountable for their work and improves the overall structure of your school day.

6. Your Teachers Will Be Able To Easily Communicate With Parents Using School Management Software

Your teachers’ availability should never be an issue when it comes to communicating with your parents. Each day, your teachers should know what they are teaching and who is supposed to be in class that day. If a student is absent unexpectedly or if there’s an emergency, this information can be quickly communicated to the appropriate people using school management software that allows for easy messaging.

By delegating tasks and using school management software that helps your teachers communicate, you will have a happier teaching staff that is more effective at teaching your students.

School Management System Features You Can Utilize for Teacher Management

If you’re looking for a school management system that can help your teachers communicate with parents and follow up on student progress, then it’s time to choose the right software. Your teachers will be better prepared and more efficient if they have the correct tools at their disposal.  Here are some features you should look for in school management software.

1. One central database

You need school management software that allows all the pertinent information about your students to be stored in one central place.  If teachers and parents don’t have access to the same information, then it will be much more difficult for everyone to keep track of what’s going on.

2. Less Time Collecting Data Via Increased Communication

Another benefit to choosing software that allows all this data to exist in one central location is that everyone connected to the school will be able to communicate with each other using this software. This can save teachers valuable time because they won’t have to send individual emails or make phone calls. Instead, they’ll be able to contact your parents or students directly through the system without leaving their desks.

3. Text Messaging And Email Capabilities

The ability to email parents and send text messages directly through your school management system is an immensely helpful time-saver for teachers. This can also put an end to the back-and-forth communication that sometimes happens when two different platforms are used. Having everything in one location will help reduce miscommunication because everyone will be on the same page.

4. A Special Address Book For Each Family

Another time-saving feature you should look for in school management software is the ability to have a special address book for each family. Teachers can enter all your students’ addresses in this book, which makes it much easier when parents need to be contacted. You’ll no longer have to spend time looking up contact information for your student’s parents or guardians, which can save you time and make teacher-parent communication run much more smoothly.

5. Calendars So You Can See When Teachers And Parents Are Available

No one likes scheduling meetings at the last minute, so make it easy for everyone involved by having calendars available in your school management software that can be checked to figure out when the best time is to meet. Having an online calendar that teachers can check at any time will help advance scheduling and reduce miscommunication.

6. A Calendar For Your Parents That Shows When Their Child’s Teacher Is Available

Likewise, parents will appreciate an online calendar that shows which days and times they can schedule a meeting with their child’s teacher.  This ensures that no one has to wait around unnecessarily for an appointment or lose out on time with the teacher because the parent couldn’t meet during the scheduled time.

When choosing the right school management software, you should look for features that will help your teachers stay organized and on top of their game. Teachers can be more efficient when they’re equipped with the right tools to manage student progress, communicate with parents, and complete evaluations.


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