We see more and more evidence of the amazing benefits that blockchain and cryptocurrencies can provide, not only for the people who invest in or build them but for everyone else.

In this article, we’re going to focus on these new technologies and how they can become a new channel for everyday transactions of content or goods. Specifically, we’ll explore the new opportunities that provide online education platforms by allowing them to receive payments in cryptocurrency from parents of students studying with them. Below are some areas you need to consider before incorporating crypto payments into your school.

What types of cryptocurrencies can schools use?

Some cryptocurrencies which you’ve probably heard of are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. These established coins can be a common currency used between different people for buying or selling goods/services among themselves without the involvement of banks or other financial institutions.

As time goes by, appreciation in value is expected to keep increasing which is why many investors consider them as an attractive long-term investment.

The most challenging problem for schools is that they may not be able to purchase these currencies with regular fiat money, i.e. Euros or Dollars, due to their volatility and differences in price on different exchanges. This means that first you need to set up an account somewhere where you will be able to buy these cryptocurrencies to be able to use them as payment.

What is the process for incorporating crypto in schools?

If you provide a course that is paid in cryptocurrencies, then the most straightforward way to collect payments from parents for this would be to explain how they can purchase these currencies and send them to your account.

Another solution could be to ask students/parents to buy it using their credit cards directly on your website. Then you can use cryptocurrency exchanges to convert those payments into one of the main cryptocurrencies.

Are crypto payments made completely online, or does it require parents to come into the school office?

Due to the fact that school staff don’t have a lot of experience with cryptocurrency, the first option would be best. This is because it’s very easy and there’s nothing for parents to do other than buy these currencies from their home computer or mobile device.

If you still want to accept payments from parents coming into your school office, there are a few things that you need to consider.

1. You will have to educate parents on how to buy the currency

2. Parents may have no clue how to send these currencies from your school office, so they may need additional support with this, in person or over the phone

3. The website should be protected in order to reduce the risk of scammers who may try to steal your money by pretending to be the school

Incorporating crypto payments in your school will be tough if you do not consider the above points.

Are there any government restrictions for crypto payments in schools? How do I know if my state allows for crypto payments?

Please check with your local authorities about the business registration requirements if you are considering accepting cryptocurrencies as payment for your services. Every state is different and there may be some specific rules or limitations in the law that need to be taken into consideration.

Can a school simultaneously offer other forms of payment besides crypto for parents who may not want to use this option?

This is very important as it ensures that you can still accept payments from parents who don’t wish to use cryptocurrencies, and you’re not forced to only offer one payment method.

You can ensure that all your courses and registrations on your website are made first available for different types of currencies, which means you’ll have both options available. So parents who want to pay with cryptocurrencies will be able to, and those who don’t can choose another option.

What payment fees are associated with different types of cryptocurrencies?

Different types of cryptocurrencies have different transaction fees. These fees are called gas fees. They are fees that your users will pay for every transaction they make when buying or selling these currencies.

If you do decide to accept cryptocurrencies, then it’s important to include information about all possible fees in your website so that parents know what the costs are before making any purchases.


Many schools are incorporating crypto payments in their payment methods, however, not all schools are prepared for this new form of payment beforehand. However, if the above questions are addressed, schools are well on their way to provide flexible payment options for their parents and simplify their school payments.

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