Competitive edge has become more critical than ever in the ongoing battle for students. Private schools, especially small schools, are ever on the search for new ways to ignite enrollment and gain an edge against the growing number of options parents have to school their children.

Mobile technology can be a positive contributing factor when used strategically. Here is how:

Marketing your brand. Yes, mobile technology has a place in marketing. Differentiation is key to identifying the correct target student and parent communities. Marketing your school through online advertising, blogs and targeted mobile school announcements, email and text campaigns can keep the school uppermost in the minds of parents who may be in the process of evaluating and comparing schools.

Parent communications. Schools which are not equipped to communicate with a younger, mobile phone equipped generation of parents simply will not be able to compete. Mobile apps are available that virtually replace the now outmoded ‘portals’ of the last 10 years with highly interactive, easily accessible school alerts, parent messaging, notifications and information on programs, schedules and student academic information.

The classroom. This is the area where most of the focus on technology has been traditionally and it needs to continue. Schools need to stay ahead of the curve and incorporate technology into their strategy to foster more collaborative, interactive in class participation.

Schools must not only accept the fact that technology is a necessity and embrace technology in new and exciting ways. Parents and students are not standing still waiting. There are too many alternative choices.