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Free Online Gradebook Software

Gradebook with Intuitive Interface, Connecting Teachers, Parents and Students

School administrators manage students, classes, schedules, attendance, and custom data. They also need to manage all of this in a budget-friendly manner. SchoolCues' teacher gradebook online makes student performance accessible. It is easy for teachers to record grades and our system allows for many other features, including flexible grading options, a portal to upload assignments, and much more. Teachers can assign and collect homework. Students and parents login to track progress, download materials and submit assignments.

The online gradebook app helps in transforming grading processes and is a boon to small and medium sized schools that are budget conscious. When data is entered efficiently and can flow from school to parent easily, everyone saves time, which is a limited commodity. The important thing about this grading app from SchoolCues is that everyone has access to the information they need through our school management software where they can check school grades online. The teacher's gradebook is easy to use and both entering grades and sharing them is quick.

Online Gradebook software for Teachers

Paperless and online, SchoolCues' easy-to-maintain system is a platform for schools to host, track and manage student data. This easy-to-use free online gradebook software allows an educational institution to streamline the process of reporting data. The SchoolCues’ gradebook is available both on desktop and mobile. All this comes at an attractive price for schools on a budget, starting from just $ 75.00 a month.

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Gradebooks for Teachers

Key Features of SchoolCues' Online Grading System

Our online gradebook template facilitates easy recording of student grades. In addition, it tracks homework assignments with an online homework drop-box and provides for web tests. Each student can have his or her own individual portfolio. Grades flow into transcripts, progress reports and report cards. Parents can be notified about low performance or missing assignments.

Benefits of the SchoolCues Gradebook app for Teachers

  • Easily available teacher gradebook online – anywhere, anytime.
  • Efficient recording of grades and assignments.
  • Flexible system that allows easy changes which means a streamlined process.
  • Easy-to-use interface means less time and effort in training teachers.
  • SchoolCues' online grade book is part of the school management software system, so data entered into the online grade book is easily available to all school administrators, and parents as well.

Make the switch to one of the best online gradebooks with SchoolCues today!

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  • Why choose Schoolcues?

    Schools and parents need a one-stop school management system with an integrated grading book to help manage their school communications.

    A simple, effective and low-cost gradebook for teachers to handle all grading online will allow schools to focus on educating young minds.

    SchoolCues is the premier online school management system for small schools – Montessori schools, Independent schools, Christian schools, Charter schools, and more – that is effective in engaging parents.

    For more information to integrate this intelligent online school management system and increase parental engagement by simplifying your school administration, visit the SchoolCues website at