Given the current climate, it’s more important than ever for students to have social stimulation and there are many ways for students to collaborate. Students still need to feel a sense of community even when learning from home. There are many ways schools can combine these experiences. Take a look at a few of them!


Helping Students Balance Home-School Life

When students are out of school, it can be difficult for them to find the right balance between their home life and their schoolwork. One way to help them is to create a schedule for them to follow. This can include specific times for them to do their schoolwork and breaks throughout the day. It’s also important for students to have a place to do their schoolwork. This could be a desk in their room or a specific spot in the living room. Having a set routine and designated area for schoolwork will help students stay organized and on track!


6 Creative Ways for Students to Collaborate

Now, here are six creative ways for students to work together.

#1: Have students work on projects together

Project-based learning is a great way for students to learn. When they’re working on a project, they’re able to apply the skills they’ve learned in a real-world setting. Plus, it’s a great way for them to collaborate with others! Why not have students work on projects together, even if they’re not in the same room? They can communicate with each other through video chats, emails, or even social media. This is an excellent way for them to learn how to work together!

#2: Watch lectures together

Another great way for students to collaborate is by watching lectures together. This is a great way for them to stay on track and ask questions. Plus, it can be a fun way for students to learn together! They can discuss the lecture afterward and even develop ideas for projects based on what they’ve learned.

#3: Have students Skype with each other

Skype is a great way for students to communicate with each other. Why not have them Skype with each other in order to learn? This is a great for them to get to know each other and to learn or even work on projects together.

#4: Use social media for collaboration

Social media can be used to communicate with each other, share ideas, and even work on projects together. There are many different social media platforms that students can use for this purpose. Some of the most popular ones are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

#5: Have students write essays together

Students can collaborate by writing essays together. This is a great way for them to share their ideas and to get feedback from others. They can also help each other revise their essays.

#6: Use Google Docs for collaboration

Lastly, students can collaborate by using Google Docs. They can use it to write essays, projects, and even speeches together. Google Docs also allows students to collaborate in real-time, which is great for those who are working on a project together.

Be sure to use these six creative ways if you notice your students struggling!


As you can see, there are many ways for schools to encourage student collaboration. These six methods are just a few of the possibilities. Schools can get creative and come up with their own ways to combine these experiences. The most important thing is that students have fun when learning!

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