Education is constantly changing and evolving to accommodate new teaching styles and classroom environments. With the introduction of advanced curriculum, online classes, self-paced students, and global school programs, schools need more than just a gradebook website or system; they need modern technology adapted to their educational needs. Even with these technological advancements, two different types of online gradebook software are used, custom gradebook software, and standard gradebook software. 

The need for modern technology in educational settings is becoming increasingly important as schools continue to grow and change with the times. Schools today are not like they were even twenty years ago, which means the way teachers teach and students learn has evolved too. Because of this, teachers need a modern gradebook system as well. Customized and standard online gradebook software both have their benefits and downfalls, depending on the situation.

Custom Gradebook Software

Custom gradebook software allows for greater flexibility in how teachers can grade and provide feedback to students. Most standard online gradebook software comes with a general grading rubric that the teacher can use but cannot change. This leaves little room for customization based on the teacher’s teaching style and classroom environment. Customized gradebook software gives teachers the option to change grading rubrics, use multiple versions of grading rubrics, and provide feedback on various aspects of student work.

Another benefit of customized gradebook software is the increased tracking capabilities it has over standard gradebook software. Teachers typically track grades using a percentage point system and letters or numerical grades they then translate into a percentage at the end of the marking period. Standard gradebook software typically only gives teachers the option to track grades using letter or numerical grades and then convert them into percentages later. Doing this does not provide enough detail for students to understand where they stand in a class or if their grade is improving over time. Customized gradebook software provides teachers with many different ways to track grades in more detail, allowing them to better communicate with their students. Teachers can view grades on different aspects of student learning over time or see how much a student has improved from the beginning of a marking period to its end.

Custom online gradebook software also allows teachers to customize their classroom website based on their teaching style and classroom environment. Standard online gradebook software typically comes with a predetermined standard classroom website that teachers cannot alter. This means the teacher is stuck using a website that might not meet their teaching style and classroom environment. Customized gradebook technology provides teachers the flexibility to create any type of classroom website they need; allowing them to set up areas for individual assignments, group work, student presentations, or any other part of their curriculum that could benefit from an interactive classroom website.

Standard Gradebook Software

Standard online gradebook software is excellent for teachers and schools that do not need any customization. It typically only allows the teacher to track grades using letter or numerical grades which is acceptable for most educators because there isn’t much they would need to change. The letter or numerical grading systems are common across nearly every school district in the United States because of their ease when converting grades into a percentage at the end of the marking period.

Standard gradebook software has many different benefits, such as not having to pay for any modifications, compatibility with most school website platforms, and flexibility in how students can access their grades online. Standard gradebook software works by transferring most data from a teacher’s general gradebook into a spreadsheet accessed online by student logins. All students have to do is go onto their classroom website and click on the link for their grades. These grading software also allow teachers and schools to manage multiple classes without any issues, saving time when grading each student’s work.

The downfalls of standard gradebook software are the lack of customization options and tracking capabilities. Common gradebook systems typically give teachers limited grading options to choose from, which can be frustrating when trying to provide more specific feedback on student work. Standard gradebook software also does not allow teachers to track grades in more detail or see how much a student has improved over time.

Which Online Gradebook is Suitable for Your School?

Every online gradebook has its unique benefits and features to help teachers make the most of their grading system. The best way to determine which type of online gradebook is right for your school is to consider how many students you have, how much customization you need, and what you are trying to get out of a grading system. Whether you are looking for a standard gradebook or a custom platform, developers can help you create the perfect online gradebook system.

Teachers should always look into their grading systems and make sure they use gradebooks that will provide them with what is necessary to give quality feedback on student work. Most teachers believe an online gradebook system with more features is better, but in truth, simplicity and bare-bones gradebooks are just as effective. Teachers need to make sure the grading system they use has all of the necessary functions but does not have too many extra bells and whistles that will slow them down or complicate their grading process.

Customized online gradebook software may be the best option for teachers because it allows them to create anything they need to teach their students. This type of technology gives teachers more freedom and flexibility, which can help increase productivity and motivation in the classroom. Customized gradebook systems have many different benefits, including tracking and grading capabilities, accessibility and flexibility, and unique features that make it easier for teachers to teach their students.

Standard online gradebooks are great for teachers and schools who do not want customization done to their grading system or website.  This type of grading system is suitable for teachers and schools that are short on time, money, or resources. Standard online gradebooks will not give you access to tracking data and many other functions like customized gradebooks, but they can still get the job done efficiently.