We can all agree that the majority of the work required to run a school is extremely complex and time-consuming. Between course planning, grading, attendance taking, and emailing parents and staff members – it’s truly mind-boggling how much needs to be done within a single day. There are various computer programs available for educational institutions to help streamline many processes, but when it comes to applying for enrollment in a school – the options are extremely limited. Schools should consider an integrated admissions software.

Schools require both efficient and effective applications that can provide their prospective students with an easy process in which they can apply and submit all necessary documents online. Because today’s parents and students both heavily rely on technology, schools must have the necessary tools to remain competitive in their market.

Why It Can Be Challenging For Schools To Handle Admissions Manually

There are many reasons why it is often difficult for schools to handle admissions manually.

#1: Paperwork

All schools require some type of paperwork to be completed by their prospective students. This ranges from an application to health records, proof of residence documents, and more. Although it would seem unlikely that information can be lost in this process, oftentimes it’s misplaced or forgotten about within the pile of papers that need to be scanned into the computer and sent off.

#2: Time-Consuming

Completing the necessary paperwork is just part of the process – waiting for all documents to be returned by family members and students can often be a time-consuming task that requires multiple people, along with many hours wasted waiting in long lines at schools or worse yet – learning that the applicant must resubmit all necessary materials.

#3: Unnecessary Stress

Finally, when parents and their students are required to take time out of their days to complete paperwork in person, it can often cause unnecessary stress at both ends. This is extremely harmful to students who may already be dealing with various struggles or hardships in their lives.

Luckily, there are admissions software systems available that can be extremely helpful for planners, teachers, and school staff members to utilize within their everyday processes. These applications are designed to streamline the process of application submissions by both parents/guardians as well as students.

How To Improve Your School Admissions Processing

If you feel as though your school’s admissions process is not up to par, there are many ways to improve this process.

#1: Simplify The Application

One of the first steps you can take is to simplify your application process for parents and students. This takes into account that parents and students will both be applying from their homes on a computer or mobile device – which is why they should not be required to print out forms and come to school to submit paperwork in person.

#2: Provide 24/7 Accessibility

Another benefit of using a school admissions software system is that it provides parents and students with access to their application information at any given time. This allows for those who would like to submit their application as soon as they feel it’s ready or those who may need more time to gather additional paperwork – such as transcripts, test scores, and more. Schools must empower their prospective students to take the necessary time needed to submit all required materials with ease.

#3: Simplify Requirements

Finally, school planners need to create rules and guidelines that are easy to follow when it comes to submitting application materials for consideration. For example, schools should offer direct links within their application to past transcripts, test scores, and more.

5 Benefits of Utilizing Admissions Software

There are also many benefits of utilizing admissions management software.

#1: Accuracy

At the end of the day, one of the biggest benefits is that you can ensure that your application materials are accurate. This means that all grades are correct, test scores have been properly recorded, and so on.

#2: Time Efficient

Secondly, admissions software has been designed to be as streamlined as possible for both parents and students. This not only ensures accuracy but also allows your school to save a lot of time in processing applications – which means you will spend less time waiting in long lines and more time working on other important tasks.

#3: 24/7 Accessibility Anywhere, Anytime

Next, schools that use admissions software provide access for both parents and students to their application information at any given time.  This is extremely beneficial for those who may want to submit their application as soon as it is completed or for those who may need more time – such as securing transcripts or test scores from other schools.

#4: Customization

Another important benefit of an admissions software system is that it allows you to customize your applications and processes based on your school’s specific needs. For example, if there is a required form that does not apply to your school – such as an application fee – then admissions software gives you the ability to adjust or eliminate this requirement for your parents/students accordingly.

#5: Improve Efficiency With Mobile Accessibility

Finally, admissions software is accessible at all times using mobile devices. For example, teachers and administrators alike can submit/view application materials in real time by scanning student barcodes with their iPads or other mobile devices. This is especially beneficial for those who are constantly on the move around campus – such as coaches or club sponsors.

By utilizing admissions software, schools can ensure that their application materials are accurate and up-to-date. Additionally, the use of an online system allows parents and students to access their information at all times – which is especially beneficial for those who need more time to submit their applications.  For these reasons and more, it’s clear that there are many benefits to utilizing admissions software for your school.

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