A grade point average (GPA) is the most common way to see how a student is doing in school overall. The GPA is used to determine your eligibility for scholarships, admission to universities, and sometimes even for jobs. The calculation is based on the grades you earn in all of your classes throughout your schooling. This article goes in-depth on all you need to know about GPAs!


What is a Grade Point Average (GPA)?

A GPA is an overall measure of how well a student is doing in school. The GPA calculation is based on the grades a student earns in all of their classes. GPAs can range from 0 to 4.0, with 4.0 being the best score possible.

Different types of GPAs can be calculated, but the most common one is the unweighted GPA. This type of GPA considers the grades earned in all classes, no matter what the level of difficulty. Another type of GPA, the weighted GPA, takes into account the difficulty of a class by multiplying the grade points earned by the number of credit hours for that class.

GPA is considered important in most traditional schools that care about individual grades. Public schools, some private schools, and even some religious schools rely on GPA to understand how their students are doing in their classes. However, not all types of schools do number or letter grades, so it is important for parents to understand what kind of grading happens at their child’s school!


Why Do Schools Use a GPA?

Next, here are four reasons schools use a grade point average scale for their grading process.

#1: Provides a Consistent Scale

Schools use a GPA because it is a consistent scale that averages all of a student’s grades together. This means that no one grade can pull down the average GPA score for a student, and no one grade can make the student look too good.

#2: Helps Schools Compare Students

In order to place students into the correct classes and track their progress over time, schools need a way to compare students. A GPA provides a uniform way for schools to measure each student and determine how they are doing in their studies.

#3: Helps Schools Determine Student Eligibility

Most private schools require a certain GPA from their applicants in order to be considered for admission. GPA is also used to determine a student’s eligibility for scholarships.

#4: Can Impact a Student’s Future

A high GPA can help a student get into their desired university or a parent’s desired private school, while a low GPA could mean not getting into the school of their choice or even not getting accepted into most schools.

These are just four of the many reasons schools use a GPA!


Does Every School Need to Use a GPA as Their Final Grade Mark?

As mentioned earlier, not all types of schools use a GPA as their final grade mark. Some schools use letter grades, while others use pass/fail. It is important for parents to understand what type of grading system their school uses! It all depends on the school parents choose and how they want their children to learn. Most public schools use GPA for final grade marks, but other schools like charter or magnet schools might not use the letter grade system. It all depends on the material being taught and the methods being used!


How to Calculate a GPA

Finally, it is time to look at how to calculate a GPA. Here are the three steps to use when calculating GPA.

#1: Collect All of the Grades

The first step is to collect all of the grades that have been earned in all classes. This includes current classes and any classes that have been completed in the past.

#2: Convert Each Grade to a Point Value

Next, convert each letter grade to a point value. The point values are as follows:

A = 4 points

B = 3 points

C = 2 points

D = 1 point

F = 0 points

This is done by multiplying the letter grade by the number of credit hours for that class.

#3: Add Up the Point Values for Each Class

Lastly, add up the point values for each class and divide by the total number of classes that have been taken. This will give the GPA score for that student!

Follow these three steps when calculating GPA! This is a simple process that should not take up much time for each student. Using a grade point average calculator is another great choice. It does all the work for you!

This three-step process is easy to follow and will help give a clear understanding of how well a child is doing in school. A GPA is a valuable tool that can help open doors for students in the future. It is always important for parents to understand what type of grading system their school uses in order to help their children succeed!

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