If you’re like most faculty, you probably dread faculty meetings. But they don’t have to be bad – in fact, with a few simple changes, you can make them more productive and less frustrating. Here are eight tips to improve your faculty meetings:

#1: Set Clear Expectations

One of the main reasons faculty meetings can be frustrating is because people don’t know what’s expected of them. Ensure everyone knows what the meeting is about, what will be discussed, and what type of participation is expected from them.

#2: Keep it Short and Sweet

Meetings can easily get off track and drag on for hours. Try to keep them short and focused, and make sure everyone has a chance to speak. If a meeting goes on too long, people often become distracted and stop listening.

#3: Use an Agenda

An agenda can help keep the meeting on track and ensure that everyone knows what’s being discussed. Make sure it’s distributed before the meeting so that everyone has a chance to review it. You can even hand out copies of meeting notes so everyone can follow along during the meeting.

#4: Stick to the Point

When discussing topics, try to stay focused on the issue at hand. Don’t get sidetracked by irrelevant details or personal disagreements. Keep all personal issues out of the meeting and only discuss current work issues that need to be resolved.

#5: Follow Up After the Meeting

Ensure everyone knows what is expected of them after the meeting – what actions they are supposed to take, deadlines they are expected to meet, etc. You can ask each person directly or send out a mass message as a reminder.

#6: Encourage Participation

One of the best ways to improve your faculty meetings is to encourage everyone to participate. If people feel like their opinions are valued, they’ll be more likely to speak up.

#7: Be Flexible

Meetings don’t always have to follow a rigid agenda. Be willing to change course if there’s something important that needs to be discussed. This can contradict tip #3, but you should go along with whatever is necessary for the meeting. Some days it may need to be more strict, and other days it may need to follow a loose schedule.

#8: Host Virtual Faculty Meetings

Virtua faculty meetings can be a great way to get everyone on the same page without having to leave their home or office. They’re also an excellent way to save time and money. You can use various tools, such as Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts, to host virtual faculty meetings.

Faculty meetings don’t have to be a drag – with these tips and ideas for faculty meetings, you can make them more productive and less frustrating. Try out a few of these changes and see how they work for you.

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