Many teachers often dread the grading process as it can be time-consuming and tedious. They often find themselves spending countless hours just correcting and grading homework. You probably find that you spend more time grading than actually teaching the class. This can cause you to have a negative attitude towards your class and subjects, which in turn will affect the grades of your students. Luckily, there are several things you can do to make grades more fun and rewarding for yourself and your students!

Grading Does Not Have to Be Boring!

If you are currently grading or about to correct an assignment, remember that it does not have to be such a boring and tedious task. It doesn’t take too much effort to find ways to improve the grading process for yourself and your students. Grading has been made much easier and less tedious through technology. You no longer have to sit there for hours using a physical gradebook, writing in all the information. You can even use an interactive gradebook to keep you more interested in what you are currently grading! Gradebook and attendance software has come a long way, so it no longer has to be so dull doing these daily tasks. It can be over quickly, and then you can start doing other tasks that need to be done.

6 Ways to Make Grades More Fun and Interactive

Now, it is time to look at six ways that you can make grading more fun and interactive for everyone involved!

#1: Grade Student Work Online

You can now grade student work online, allowing you to stay focused on grading. You will no longer have to lose time by running back and forth from your computer to students’ desks. With this new technology, you can check students’ progress as they work on their assignments. Once a student has completed their assignment, you can go into the software and quickly grade their work.

#2: Make Each Assignment Fun

If your class is not as interested in a particular project, assignment or topic, try to find ways to make each assignment fun for them. You can do this by using technology like clickers (also known as student response systems). These clickers will enable your students to interact with you and the assignment. It is engaging for them because they are participating in their education, so it is not as boring!

#3: Make Homework Fun

You may be having students do homework to practice the skills they have learned in class or as a way for parents to check on their child’s progress. Make their homework fun by having them work on it together with a study buddy. By doing so, you can help your students if they are struggling and perhaps reinforcing previous lessons taught in class. If your students feel that homework is not fun, it will be extremely difficult for them to complete on time, and they may end up putting it off until the last minute.

#4: Keep It Quick

For those who are not interested in spending hours on one assignment, you can make grading more enjoyable by keeping it quick and to the point. You want to keep your students interested, so they will be more likely to pay attention and care about their grades. Try to go over each student’s assignment quickly, then allow them time to check their answers with you or on their own.

#5: Change the Way You Grade

Grading doesn’t have to be done in the same way every year. Make sure you change the way you grade, so it is not always about writing comments and long sentences. You can use tools like rubrics to check students’ work without having to worry about grading every single part of an assignment.

#6: Reward Students for Their Efforts

You may also want to consider rewarding your students for their efforts on their assignments. If the majority of your class is doing well, you could give them a reward that will allow them to have some fun. You could do this by having a celebration at the end of the year for your “Grading Champions.” If you have a couple of struggling students, you can also reward them by giving their grades a boost, so they get caught up with everyone else.

These are just six of the many ways you can make grades more fun! There are many gradebook programs you can choose from that can help you stay focused on the task on hand!

Now that you have learned about six ways to make grades more fun, it is time to try them in your own classroom and see what works for you and your students. Remember that it is important to have fun in your classroom so everyone can enjoy their education!

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