The problems with the economy have greatly affected both schools and parents, and, unfortunately, they aren’t likely to clear up anytime soon. Schools will need to find ways to operate despite a dearth of funding and resources. With smaller budgets for flyer-printing and fewer staff members to send out notices, schools will need to communicate effectively on a low budget.

At the same time, many parents may start to work longer and later at their jobs; they may be less available than they were before. With less personal time and more stress, parents won’t be as keen on going to great lengths to communicate or engage with schools. In order to make parents want to communicate, schools need to make things easier for the parents.

So what does this mean for the future?

  • Both schools and parents are likely to be facing financial challenges in the future.
  • Parents will have less available time for school interactions.
  • Schools need to find cost-effective, easily accessible forms of communication in order to reduce expenses and engage parents.