An online report card system has many advantages for teachers, students, and parents. Online report cards allow the school to increase communication with parents, provide students with an authentic audience for their work, help teachers structure lessons, improve student turn-around time, and increase efficiency for both teachers and students.


Online report cards can also provide students with direct feedback on their work. Teachers can provide more detailed, constructive feedback on student work. This is important because although teachers are supposed to deliver grades that reflect the student’s progress, they often miss growth points or lack of performance. 


Types of Comments Teachers Leave on Student Report Cards

The following is a list of the types of comments teachers leave on students report cards:


1- A comment about how student work is not completed or handed in. 


2- Typographical errors and missed punctuation.


3- Comments about the incorrect process and/or factual errors.


4- Remarks that may help the student get better grades in the future.


5- Summative comments that give overall feedback about how well a student is doing.


Benefits to leaving comments on online report cards


  • There are many long-term benefits of leaving detailed, constructive feedback on students’ report cards. These benefits include helping students get better grades in the future, developing self-discipline, having students feel more responsible for their grades, and improving future teachers’ grading practices. 


  • Leaving comments on report cards allows students to receive feedback at home instead of just during the school day.


  • The online report card system helps the teacher save time by planning out their comments ahead of time instead of writing them during class.


  • It also saves time for students because they can log in and read all of their teacher’s comments at once instead of going to each individual class, or collecting paper report cards which can be hard to keep track of.


  • Leaving a comment on a student report card is another powerful way to communicate with parents along with sending a weekly email or calling them on the phone.


How Leaving Comments on Report Cards Benefits Teachers


  • For teachers, leaving valuable, constructive feedback on students’ report cards helps them understand what they should be teaching and how their students perform. It also helps them realize where the learning gaps are to instruct more effectively in these areas. With this knowledge, they can better organize their lessons and bring in any necessary supplementary material.


  • Teachers are able to see the students’ progress over time which allows them to make assessments about what areas need more instruction or reinforcement. It is also sometimes necessary for teachers to provide additional instructional help in specific subject areas.


  • This insight allows teachers to identify student’s strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge becomes crucial when it comes to report card time because they can use that information to point out areas of strength or areas that need improvement for each student.


  • Consistent feedback after each assignment helps the teacher further communicate with parents about their child’s progress, making parent-teacher conferences easier. It also helps the teacher gain a better understanding of what parents are looking for so that they can better communicate their child’s strengths and weaknesses outside of the classroom.


How Leaving Comments on Report Cards Benefits Parents


  • When parents find out what their child is doing well and how they can improve, they can create effective ways to help them at home. Knowing which areas need improvement also helps parents monitor which places their children might need extra help outside of school hours.This allows the parents to focus on what is necessary for their child’s future.


  • When parents see their child’s progress over time, they can keep track of how much effort is being put in and use this information when it comes to important decisions such as choosing a college or career path.



  • This insight helps parents understand how they can best support their children in the classroom, allowing them to better communicate with teachers regarding their child’s progress.



By leaving feedback on student online report cards, teachers and parents can better communicate about their child’s progress. This helps both parents and teachers become aware of what needs improvement and where the learning gaps might be to plan teaching methods accordingly.


Online report cards benefit students and help teachers have a better understanding of what needs to be focused on in the classroom.


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