Engaging today’s mobile parents in the “Me Generation

Schools are operating in a time where the parental expectations are high. Schools are struggling to keep up to the growing demands of their parents while maintaining parental loyalty and the enrollment numbers. At the same time, parents are getting more creative with their excuses as to why they didn’t do what was asked of them by their teacher or school administration. Here are the top ten reasons given for parental disengagement…

  • Your newsletter was too long and I didn’t get past the first page.
  • My printer ran out of ink and hence I could not print the calendar from the website to stick on my refrigerator door.
  • I don’t remember to check your school website every day. That’s why I missed the parent community meeting.Wish everything was on a mobile app.
  • My computer was infected with a virus and that’s why I could not sign up for the volunteer event.
  • My cell phone calling minutes expired and hence I could not call the school to confirm my spot at the parent teacher conference.
  • I thought my spouse was going to take care of the fees this month. We had a miscommunication.
  • I did not receive a parent reminder from the school to attend my son’s graduation ceremony this morning.
  • I forgot my password to the parent portal and hence I could not access it to check my tasks .
  • I sent my child’s absentee form to the wrong email address which is why you did not receive it.
  • We changed our mobile number and our email ID and forgot to inform the school about the change. Oops! Sorry!

Have you received any interesting reasons from parents on why they were disengaged?“