With the long hours and heavy workloads school administrators often face, time management can be crucial to getting through the day. While there’s no magic solution to managing your school, these school administration tools will help you save time without sacrificing effectiveness or missing out on important tasks.

1. Start the Day with a Plan

One of the most important parts of managing your school is creating and sticking to an agenda for each day. Planning at the end of the day will not only help you start off on the right foot in the morning, but it will also help you eliminate wasted time and keep things moving forward throughout your workday. The best way to ensure that you stick with your plan is to write it down and review it before bed each night.

2. Keep a List of Important Tasks and Priorities

In addition to your daily agenda, it’s also helpful to keep a list of important tasks and priorities handy. This will help you stay focused on the most important things and avoid getting sidetracked by less urgent matters. A to-do list will also help you remember what needs to be accomplished, while a priority list can help you prioritize which tasks are most urgent and need immediate attention. This will come in handy when managing your school, to organize items on the agenda.

3. Keep Lists Close at Hand

It’s important to keep your lists wherever you spend the majority of your workday, whether it is at your desk or on your person. Keeping lists within arms’ reach will make them easy to access when the time is right, and you’ll save time by not having to search for missing notes.

4. Use a Calendar as a Reminder of Deadlines

A calendar should be viewed as a tool for recording dates rather than as a simple planner since it can be used to help remember important deadlines. When you write things down on your calendar, tasks and events will not only appear more urgent but also easier to visualize, which may make it easier to stay on top of them throughout the day.

5. Get Rid of Distractions to Save Time

This tip is especially true for those who tend to have a short attention span or are easily distracted. While you may think that being able to multi-task is an asset, it can actually be more harmful than helpful when you’re looking to complete complex tasks. If your goal is to get through some paperwork for the school board meeting on Thursday, then having instant messaging or streaming video open can be more of a hindrance than a help.

6. Always Be Prepared for Unexpected Situations

While you should always do your best to prepare for the day ahead, it’s important to always be prepared for unexpected or unforeseen situations that may arise. Whether it’s an unruly student who needs guidance or an administrator who unexpectedly drops by your office, having a plan in place will help you manage the situation more effectively and keep things running smoothly.

7. Create Clear Deadlines for Projects

One of the best ways to ensure that every project gets done on time is to set specific deadlines. Doing so will not only give you something to work towards but it will also give others a clearer expectation of when tasks need to be completed. If you’re unsure about how long a project will take, it’s always better to err on the conservative side and set a longer deadline than needed rather than rushing to get it done in time for the deadline.

8. Leave Time at the End of Your Day for Cleanup

The end of your day is the perfect time to do a little bit of housekeeping and put things away for the next day. By cleaning up at night, you won’t end up wasting time looking for misplaced items in the morning, and you’ll still have enough time left over to relax before hitting the hay.

There are countless strategies that you can use in managing your school and time effectively, but these eight tips will help you do exactly that. Remember that time is something you should never take for granted, so always remember to be efficient with your time and avoid wasting it on unnecessary tasks whenever possible. Staying organized can help you save time and prevent stress, but it’s also important to have the right tools at your disposal. There are also many school administration systems that will help your school manage its time effectively.


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