Picture galleries are among the most used techniques for capturing important events. Many schools utilize picture galleries to showcase their events and even everyday occurrences at school. It is good for existing and potential parents to be able to view what is happening at their child’s school! Taking pictures of important events or even just how your school looks can help draw parents in or keep them in!

Picture Galleries are Not Just for Montessori Schools!

Picture galleries are heavily associated with Montessori education. However, picture galleries are used by Montessori schools, mainstream schools, and different types of private schools! Picture gallery techniques can be applied to many types of student activities because it helps capture the essence of an event for you and your students’ future reference. All schools have noteworthy events to capture the memory of. Football games, career fairs, school dances, or even PT conferences are events to take pictures of and upload to a gallery!

Create Memories for Your School Events With a Photo Gallery Software

Here are four ways to create memories of your school events with photo gallery software!

#1: Take Pictures in Advance

The best way to take pictures during an event is to take pictures beforehand. Take photos in advance, upload them into a photo gallery software, and use it as your picture gallery! Uploading the photos beforehand helps capture more of the memories you are looking for because every moment was captured before it even happened! In addition, you can crop your pictures into different sizes for various needs, such as printing out smaller-sized pictures for students to take home, creating group shots with all the students together, or capturing candid moments during an event!

#2: Get Creative With Your Picture Editing (Curriculum and Planner Integration)

The best way to get creative with editing pictures is by using the photo editing tools that come with your school’s curriculum and planner software. Many school planners and curriculum programs offer free or paid downloadable picture gallery templates that can turn your photos into a photo gallery for school events. The best part of this method? You do not need to download another program because you already have it with your school’s curriculum or planner software!

#3: Use Photo Editing Toolbars for Easier Photo Editing

The most common way to edit photos is by using a photo editing toolbar found in programs like Microsoft Office. This method of photo editing allows you to crop, colorize quickly, and resize your photos so they fit in your school events’ photo gallery! The good thing about this method is that you can crop and edit your photos right then and there! You do not have to save your work as a separate file to edit the next photo. This way, you can quickly upload multiple pictures one after another, so they are ready for viewing in no time!

#4: Upload Your Pictures to Social Media

Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram can also be used to upload photos from an event. Make the most of your picture galleries by uploading them to social media websites so you can share memories with loved ones or friends! It is easy to create a personalized social media post by uploading your photos onto social media sites and adding captions and hashtags to make it fun and personal!

Types of School Events Worth Capturing Memories Of

Now it is time to look at what types of events at your school are worth snapping a photo of! Here are the top five types of events to consider:

#1: Field Trips and Field Day

The most memorable events in school are field trips and field days. Why? Field trips give students a chance to experience new places outside their comfort zone. In contrast, student participative events such as the Olympics or Battle of the Classes provide everyone at your school with an opportunity to bond and get involved! Take pictures of your field trips and field day events to capture fun memories with your students.

#2: PT Conferences

PT conferences are considered an important event for students, parents, teachers, and staff at school because it is a chance to discuss student progress and monitor any changes or improvements that need to be made! The best part about having photo galleries for a PT conference is that it visually depicts the student’s progress and highlights improvement areas, making it easier for everyone to understand.

#3: Back-to-School Nights

Another important event at school is back-to-school nights because this is the first time parents and teachers get together during the year! Back-to-school nights are considered a special event because it is the time in which parents learn more about their children in school and teachers share information on what they will be teaching during that year. Show your back-to-school night in action by creating photo galleries for everyone to enjoy!

#4: Awards Nights

Awards nights are another special event at school because students get to receive awards for their accomplishments. Take pictures of students receiving awards and create photo galleries during the night so you can share them with everyone! This way, parents can be involved in what goes on at your school while getting a sense of how their child is doing!

#5: Other Special Events

Last but not least, you can also consider creating photo galleries for other special events at your school! This may include talent shows, first-year students’ welcome nights, and pep rallies so students can enjoy sharing their happiness with others. It is always fun to take pictures of unique happenings at school that everyone will enjoy! Even simple classroom pictures of small activities can be noteworthy!

Keep these types of events in mind when you are looking to upload memories to your school picture gallery.


Creating photo galleries is just one of the many ways you can use digital documents to promote your school. With so many different types of events happening throughout the year, you will always have something to create a memorable photo gallery for! Remember that our goal is for students and parents to get involved with what goes on at school, so why not create photo galleries for every event possible?

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