What is alumni relationship management? Alumni relationship management is at the core of effective development programs, offering a variety of opportunities for alumni to engage with your school. There is no question that successful alumni relations can be very beneficial to your school especially when using K-12 alumni management software to keep track of all their important information. There are so many opportunities when engaging your alumni. These opportunities include:

– Connecting with the alumni base to promote school spirit and pride.

– Promoting your school’s success to parents, classmates, and previous alumni.

– Sharing news about the college admission process.

– Creating a community amongst alums through events and forums.

Here, we will go over seven ways that you can engage your alumni so that you can accomplish these types of opportunities.

7 Ways to Engage Your Alumni With Alumni Management Software

Here are seven effective ways to engage with alumni through alumni management software!

#1: Create A Community Forum

You should create a community forum for both current students and alums. This will serve as a place for them to connect with others who are in similar situations or have experienced similar life events.

#2: Send Alumni Emails To Promote School Spirit And Pride

Send out alumni emails to promote school spirit and pride. Alumni are your school’s biggest fans and will promote the school to others.

#3: Promote Your School To Parents And Current Students

Alumni make great speakers for career days or college fairs where you can help students get a feel for what it’s like to attend the university.

#4: Create A Follow-Up System

Designate specific alumni to communicate with all the alums. This is helpful when dealing with specific information regarding certain events such as homecoming or reunions.

#5: Promote Your School Admissions Process

Create a resource page for parents and alumni that has tips, tricks, and the latest news on college admissions. The more resources your school offers, the better chance students will have at getting into their top choice.

#6: Share Your School’s Success With Alumni And Current Students

Share any success your school has with alumni and current students. This could be about new company starts, funding raised for a new building on your campus, or anything else that you are proud of!

#7: Use Alumni To Improve Your School’s Online Reputation

Use alumni to improve your school’s online reputation by having alumni write positive reviews and share with their networks. This is a great way to show potential students the beauty of your school!

What Your School is Missing By Not Utilizing Alumni Management Software

By not utilizing alumni management software, your school is missing out on a variety of ways to engage with alumni. Here are the top five things your school might be missing if you are not utilizing alumni management software!

#1: A Resource For Parents And Alumni

You and your school will miss out on a resource for parents and alumni that will help you promote success, create a community forum, and share your school’s success online through reviews. You are able to notify and keep in contact with parents and alumni about important events and other opportunities.

#2: Alumni Speakers For Career Days And College Fairs

Using alumni management software can help you recruit speakers for career days and college fairs at your school! This is a great way to show off the successful people that have come from your school and to promote further enrollment to your school.

#3: Bring In More Funding

Utilizing alumni management software can help you bring in more funding for your school through scholarships and other opportunities. Some alumni may even want to donate to their child’s old school! You can utilize the software to send out emails to specific alumni about specific fundraising events or opportunities!

#4: A Follow-Up System For All Information

Your school will miss out on a follow-up system that will help you keep track of and send out information for all alumni events. It is always best to personalize follow-up emails for each alumni contact. Parents and students can be contacted long after they’ve attended in case information or feedback are needed.

#5: Connecting Alumni And Current Students

By not using alumni software, your school will be missing out on the ability to connect alumni and current students, or even potential students. Word of mouth is a very important marketing strategy. By utilizing alumni’s experiences with your school you can help current students stay and bring in new ones.

If your school is looking for a way to easily engage with alumni and have an online reputation that you can trust, then alumni management software is perfect for you! This software is effective when it comes to engaging alumni and promoting your school’s success. With alumni management software, you will have a resource for alumni and parents that can help promote success, an online reputation you can trust, a follow-up system for all information, as well as ways to connect alumni and current students.

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