Administrators have numerous daily tasks that they must complete to help their company run efficiently and effectively. One of those important tasks is monitoring their email, which can consume up to 20% of their day! Having a way to simplify and reduce the amount of time spent on these activities can be extremely beneficial for any administrator. Having an administrator app can help with these daily tasks and increase productivity in other areas!

Typical School Administrator App Features

First, you need to know the most typical features of school administrator apps. here are the five most common features to look out for!

#1: School News and Announcements

This feature is generally the first thing on any administrator app because it allows administrators to get an overview of all things going on at their school. This feature enables them to see what has been posted, saved, and shared within the platform. It also gives them access to archives and provides a way for people to comment directly on posts.

#2: Contact List and Calendar Integration

Contact list and calendar integration allows administrators to have all of their contact lists in one place, which will make it easier for them to email parents. It also provides a way for these contacts to subscribe to calendars on the administrator app. This can make scheduling parent meetings or exchanging student information much simpler!

#3: Customizable Daily Tasks and Assignments

Many school administrator apps give administrators the ability to turn their daily tasks into an automated workflow. Administrators can set up reminders that will help them complete these tasks before deadlines or upcoming events. This feature also provides for customizable announcements, such as reminders to notify parents of a school holiday or upcoming events.

#4: Content Sharing and Publishing

Content sharing allows administrators to share information with parents, teachers, students, etc., in the form of news articles, photos, or videos. Administrators can take pictures at school events (sports games, science fairs, fundraisers) through their device’s camera or upload existing photos from the device. Administrators can upload videos from their computers to share with parents and students, as well.

#5: Customized Settings for Administrator Role and User Access

This feature allows administrators to customize security settings that allow them to only see certain features of the app based on their administrator role. For example, a lower school administrator might not need access to certain features that are only needed by high school principals. Furthermore, administrators should be able to create other accounts for teachers and support staff. These accounts can also have customizable security settings so that these users only see the activities they need to do their jobs well.

5 Ways Administrators Can Get More Done With an Administrator App

Here are the five ways that apps for school administrators help them get more done during their day!

#1: Monitor What’s Going On at School

Most administrator apps offer the ability to post announcements, events, and photos for parents to see. It also allows administrators to monitor social media platforms that are school-specific (i.e., Twitter accounts) where they can be sure no inappropriate material is being shared with students.

#2: Access Resources Anytime

An administrator app for school administrators gives them the ability to access resources when they need them most. Whether it’s parent contact information, important memos, or student schedules, being able to access it in an instant makes an administrator app a valuable tool for any school administrator!

#3: Stay Up To Date On Any Communications

Administrators can use apps for school administrators to keep up with their emails, contact lists, and upcoming events. This allows them to stay organized on the go! They won’t need to log on to a computer every time they need to check something if they have an app available!

#4: Take Photos At School Events

With their administrator app, administrators can take photos at school events (sports games, science fairs, fundraisers) through the app’s camera or upload existing photos from the device. Administrators can then share photos with parents and other staff via a sharing feature on the app!

#5: Access Student, Teacher, and Parent Information At Once

Many administrator apps have contact lists that include both students’ and teachers’ contact information at once. This allows administrators to be efficient and not waste time trying to track down the information they need.

Apps for school administrators provide a more efficient way to use the time that would otherwise be wasted on computers. They help school admins stay organized, increase communication with students and parents, and even take photos at events! If you have not considered looking into developing an app for your administrators, now is the time to start.


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