There is a so much buzz these days about the medium a school adapts to communicate with and engage parents. Studies after studies have shown that better engaged parents translate to better performing students.

Schools which have moved into the modern digital era use systems like simple e-mails, digital social media like Facebook, twitter, open web pages or web solutions systems like SchoolCues (which is a secure web medium focused on helping schools convey relevant and targeted content to parents ).

E-mails, Facebook or twitter, class webpages are great for conveying simple updates. However, school communication involves more than simple updates. E.g. Sign-ups, RSVP, Parent-teacher conferences, permission slips, announcements, calendar etc. Schools will need more than web social media and e-mails to meet these communication needs. Many a times, schools adopt disparate solutions e.g a different solution each for sign-ups, RSVP, calendar etc. This makes it very hard for Schools and parents to keep up and remember passwords for these various solutions.

Schools love having a web solution which meets most of their communication all in one place, a solution that is not only a web solution but mobile too.