There are many online payment solutions available for Christian Schools. However, the challenge is to find the best online payments solution that fits all or at least most of your needs.

With so many options, the decision can become quite a challenge. Luckily, there is a platform that offers everything you need to manage your Christian School payments with ease.


Problems Christian Schools Face With School Payments

One of the biggest struggles for Christian Schools is getting parents to pay tuition on time, every time. There are always students whose parents have trouble paying tuition due to job loss or other financial issues.

Christian schools who want their payments collected promptly need an online payment solution that offers comprehensive features for school administrators to manage school fees and accounts. The payment solution should also offer features that help parents pay tuition with ease.


Current Payment Features of Our Platform

Our online payment solution for Christian schools offers a variety of features to accommodate a diverse set of needs. Some of the current functionalities include:

Easy Tuition Management: Our intelligent platform allows you to set up different tuition rates per grade level. Additionally, you can easily update student information and make changes to billing information with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Multiple Payment Methods: A must-have for your online payment solution, we offer the ability to integrate an array of payment methods including ACH, credit card, cash & check payments.

QuickBooks Integration: SchoolCues offers easy integration with QuickBooks in no time.

One-Time, Recurring Payments, & Auto-Pay: Christian schools can offer a variety of payment options including recurring payments or one-time payments. Schools can decide whether they want to set up tuition payments under ‘recurring payments’ or ‘tuition payments’. Make life easier for the parents by making use of our auto-pay feature.

Over and Under Payments: Be able to monitor any over or under payments easily through the SchoolCues platform. A lot of parents find this feature to be incredibly useful, and the best part about it is that it is super simple to set up!

Payment Reports and Tax Statements: With our easy-to-use reporting system, you can produce reports to keep track of student payments. The great thing about this is that our reports can be customized. You can choose whether you want to see payment information by student, family, tuition category, or any other relevant criteria.


Enhancing our Payments Module – Upcoming Features

We currently provide our users with a streamlined payment solution. However, we will soon be enhancing that experience by introducing some cool new features. Some of the new features we will be introducing in the coming months include:

Mobile Payments: Parents will be able to make payments for tuition or other school fees quickly and easily on their mobile devices.

Crypto Payments: It has become easier than ever to use cryptocurrencies. We will soon be introducing a tool that will make it easy for schools and parents alike to pay using crypto.


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