The number of parents who send their children to preschool is very important. When many parents send their children, enrollment in the school will increase. An increase in enrollment means more funding for the school and larger class sizes. Larger classes will mean more attention for each student and better education. More funding means better equipment, new supplies, and renovations to the school building. An increase in enrollment overall helps the facility as a whole and it is a vital part of running your preschool.

Common Enrollment Strategies

There are many different ways to increase enrollment in your preschool. Some are more effective than others, but most have some effect on the school population. One way of increasing enrollment is to market the school with television ads or radio spots. These types of marketing methods typically work best in small communities where people do not use social media very often. Another method is to have exciting events that draw in parents and children. For example, you may hold an Easter egg hunt or a school dance where food is served. This event will get people interested in your preschool because it offers entertainment options outside of the school building.

Another tactic for increasing enrollment is to advertise through email or start an email newsletter about what your school has been up to and what it is doing in the future. This will attract parents who like staying updated and it helps you reach a larger population too. The last method for increasing enrollment is one that many preschools use: reducing prices. Lowering the amount of tuition can draw people in because they get more value for their money, but typically the preschool will need to offer some sort of deal, like free lunches or t-shirts. Options for reducing prices include lowering the tuition amount, offering deals on multiple children in one family, and extending payment plans for families with financial struggles.

Advantages of Having a Quality Website / Online Presence

There are many advantages of having a quality website and online presence.

#1 – It is an effective way to market your preschool

#2 – It increases enrollment

#3 – Payments may be completed online

#4 – You can share information about your preschool

#5 – Children & parents like the idea of doing things online

#6 – You can advertise more than one event at a time

These are just some of the many advantages of having a quality website and online presence. Not only does this help attract potential enrollment, but it can increase sales and make families happier. When parents can log on and do what they need to do, it decreases frustration for everyone. When you have a quality website, web traffic increases, and the number of unnecessary calls and questions decreases. This allows staff to focus on other important tasks.

Benefits of Preschool Enrollment Software

The majority of schools use preschool enrollment software to help get an idea of their demographics. The software will typically give you information such as gender, grade level, location, ethnicity, and school activity preferences. This is very useful for the school because it can help them create advertising that targets each demographic specifically.

Preschool enrollment software is also very useful because you can use it to help plan activities for your preschool and see what people like doing. The software will show you things such as the most popular days of the week, the most popular times of day, and even what amenities parents would prefer at a school. This will help you determine if you should open an after-care program or if it may be time to update the school building.

Schools that use preschool enrollment software are typically very happy with the results because it helps them get an accurate idea of their demographics and what they can do to achieve more enrollment. Preschool enrollment software is also very useful for the school because it gives them information about their students that will help them provide a better education.

There are several ways to increase enrollment in preschools, though some are difficult to implement. Other methods are more practical and can be implemented quickly. You can decide the best way to increase enrollment through trial and error. At the end of the day, increasing preschool enrollment should always be one of your main goals.

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