As the online payments market continues to expand, it’s crucial for Waldorf schools to stay up to date with these changes. Finding an online payments solution that provides safe and easy-to-use payment services is essential for the school to reach its full potential.

For many years, Waldorf schools have been using online payment processing solutions in order to collect tuition fees from their students’ families, but most of these systems are still too complex for non-technical users to use. Other systems, which claim to be easy-to-use and safe, do not have a good payment security level.

SchoolCues, the best online payments solution for Waldorf schools, can solve all of these problems.


Current Payment Features of Our Platform

The SchoolCues payments platform provides convenience without compromising safety. Here are some of the features we provide for Waldorf schools.

Easy Tuition Management: Parents can view their child’s class schedule and tuition fees, make payments and update account information easily.

Safe and Secure: We use industry-leading security protocols to ensure that all transaction between users and our platform are private and safe.

Multiple Payment Methods: Our platform accepts ACH, credit card, cash, or check payments. The convenience of the multiple payment methods helps our users go through the payment process quickly and easily.

QuickBooks Integration: Now, Waldorf schools can connect their QuickBooks account with their tuition payment gateway. This will allow them to easily view and reconcile student payments.

One-Time, Recurring Payments, & Auto-Pay: Waldorf schools can offer parents a variety of options to pay their child’s tuition. This includes one-time, monthly, biweekly or weekly payments. In addition, out auto-pay feature allows parents to set up automatic payments directly from their accounts, if you choose to allow it for the parents.

Over and Under Payments: Many of our parents appreciate this capability, which allows them to make either an overpayment or a deficit payment, according to their financial circumstances.

Payment Reports and Tax Statements: Lastly, our platform provides Waldorf schools with detailed reports on all of their incoming and outgoing payments, which ensures that there are no discrepancies between the school’s records and the parents’.


Best Payments Solution for Waldorf Schools – Upcoming Features

This year promises to be a busy one for SchoolCues payments, as we prepare to release additional features to make school administration easier. The following are some of the improvements that will be made:

Mobile Payments: Parents will be able to pay using their smartphones, which adds another convenient method for our Waldorf schools to accept payments.

Crypto Payments: Waldorf schools will be able to include digital currency payments on their payment platforms as the global market for cryptocurrency grows.


SchoolCues is an all-in-one school management system for small schools with limited budgets and resources. Our solutions include admissions and enrollment, online payments, student information system, gradebook, communications, parent engagement, donations and fundraising, alumni management, and more. Schedule a demo with usĀ today.