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Effective school communications are pivotal for enhancing parental engagement and nurturing a positive educational community. Transparent and consistent communication between schools and parents establishes trust and fosters a supportive environment for students. By leveraging diverse communication channels like emails, newsletters, mobile apps, and social media platforms, schools ensure parents are well-informed about crucial updates, upcoming events, and their child’s academic progress. Personalized messages addressing individual student achievements or concerns underscore the school’s commitment to holistic child development, strengthening parental trust. Open School Communications lines encourage parents to actively engage in their child’s learning journey, whether through volunteering, attending parent-teacher meetings, or participating in school events. Fostering a continuous flow of information and a collaborative atmosphere not only significantly boosts parental engagement but also creates a robust partnership between educators, parents, and students. This approach ultimately enriches the overall educational experience and contributes to a thriving school community.

Why Every Small School Should Send Daily Student Reports to Parents

Small schools are often lauded for their personal touch and sense of community. But when it comes to communication, small schools can sometimes fall short. That’s why we believe that every small school should send daily student reports to parents,… Continue Reading →

Student Behavior Management Tips

It’s inevitable that at some point during the school year you will have to deal with student misbehavior. As a teacher, you are in a position of authority, and it is your responsibility to ensure that your students behave appropriately…. Continue Reading →

How Daily Reports Help Teachers and Parents Track Student Progress

Not all students learn at a steady pace. Some students will grasp concepts quickly while others may take more time to process and understand information. Educators, parents, and students alike need to know when students need extra help in certain… Continue Reading →

Seven Signs Your School-To-Parent Communication Is in a Time Warp.

The Reality in School Parent Engagement – Is Your School Moving Forward or Going Backward? Small schools are falling behind the times if they continue to …. Communicate and engage parents primarily through websites or newsletters. Use benevolent parents or… Continue Reading →

The 80-20 rule for schools to engage parents in the mobile generation

Blogs, websites, Facebook pages, printed and digital newsletters (anything more than a page does not get read), calendars, twitter updates and personal reminders…the school’s communication arsenal continues to increase …and school resources and front desks are stretched thin, … if… Continue Reading →

Small and Private Schools: Think You Can’t Afford to Offer Parents a Mobile App? You Can’t Afford Not To!

If your private or small school is still holding off providing a mobile app for parents to access information via their smart phones, you may be losing both the mind share and revenue of an increasing segment of your parent… Continue Reading →

How Mobile Solutions Impact School Enrollment Numbers

Competitive edge has become more critical than ever in the ongoing battle for students. Private schools, especially small schools, are ever on the search for new ways to ignite enrollment and gain an edge against the growing number of options… Continue Reading →

One “Do It Yourself” Project That Schools Should Never Attempt: School Parent Notification Systems

There is no question that all schools, public and private, have to watch their budgets these days. As school administrators brace for a challenging new year, many have spent the summer patching up old websites, working out the bugs in… Continue Reading →

The New Twitter Generation of Parents: Why Schools Struggle to Communicate

ID-100278237Communication isn’t what it used to be. The average length of written communication is getting progressively shorter… (LOL, TTYL, OMG….! ) while the average length and format of school communications has remained relatively unchanged over the years. What has also… Continue Reading →

Do your parents speak ” BRB – LOL – TTYL – IMHO”?

Communicating with the Twitter Generation of Parents We are living in times where the average length of written communication is getting progressively shorter… (LOL, TTYL, OMG….! ) while the average length and format of school communications has remained relatively unchanged… Continue Reading →

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