This is an interesting and timely question coming from several schools who have reached out to us over the past few weeks. Over 80% of schools prominently display their school calendar and school events on their websites and the information is available for the general public. In addition to providing existing parents an easy way to find out what’s happening in the school on a daily basis, school calendars are also used for marketing to prospective parents. The timing of the question is especially relevant with all the attention given to school communications and parental engagement.

If a school is a private enterprise, should the general public be privy to school calendar information including daily school activities and events? Calendars help drive parental engagement, however, how much school information is too much to disclose to the outside world, especially if it pertains to the child’s school? Should the privacy of the child and the classrom be considered when displaying current school information on website calendars?

WHAT WOULD YOU DO? We would love to hear from you!

– Dr. S, SchoolCues