We use mobile apps in our daily life in order to get things done in an easy and quick way. Mobile apps provide fast and easy solutions to users’ problems. We can quickly locate flights with ease using Kayak’s mobile app; we can watch our favorite videos on YouTube; we can pay bills through the PayPal app; the list of mobile apps we depend on is long and impressive, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that schools are also harnessing their capabilities to increase communication with students and parents, keep staff members abreast of important updates, and boost school safety.

Mobile App For Schools: Why They Are Needed

Today’s schools are increasingly intertwined with the digital space, which has naturally led to the development of their own mobile apps.

A school mobile app is usually adapted to a particular institution, using its logos and images, and incorporating its curriculums and programs. It can be used to alert parents of weather-related school closings, inform students of important announcements or upcoming events, build a community within the student body, help with homework by offering online encyclopedia entries or other resources, and even offer after-school activities. A mobile app for schools will encourage student interaction through polls, encourage staff members to post photos of their teaching methods and strategies and provide parents with relevant school information such as the menu for lunch or after-school clubs, quick links to important phone numbers on campus, and many more.

A mobile app for schools creates a mobile platform that everyone can access. Parents will have quick and easy access to information about their children’s school, students can interact with other members of the student body, and staff members can communicate with other colleagues in real-time. For example, a school bus driver could quickly send an alert that he or she is running late due to traffic to all parents who would be affected by the delay. It also serves as an extension of the school website, so students already familiar with navigating a school’s online portal should have no trouble finding their way around an app version.

Features/Functions of School Mobile App

Some of the features and functions of a school mobile app include:

  1. Push Notifications to keep everyone informed about important events and updates.
  2. A calendar keeps everyone on the same page regarding deadlines, upcoming tests, etc.
  3. An “About” section provides parents with information about school policies, the number of students enrolled in the institution, contact information for administrative staff members (who may also be reachable through the app), etc.
  4. An events calendar interfaces with social media platforms so students can post their attendance.
  5. A direct link to school websites, along with social media pages promoting the institution.
  6. Links to transportation options for students who may commute or take public transit to campus.
  7. A messaging platform that enables communication between students, parents, and staff members.
  8. A “Lunch Menu” link will give parents access to daily menus (which can also be altered for allergies or specific preferences).

What Teachers, Parents, and Students Have to Gain From A Dedicated Mobile App

Increased communication through school app notifications: with relevant news and announcements, reminders, and alerts; student schedules and grades; parent-teacher conferences and meetings; teacher assignments or homework information, etc.

Improved safety: using GPS to increase security by pinpointing the location of school buses or campus vehicles; additional cameras for security purposes.

Enhanced productivity: faster access to school documents, assignments, homework, and grades. Get things done by uploading it with your smartphone rather than rushing back to the office before an important deadline looms.

Educating parents: on how they can help their child further succeed at the institution, from being a positive role model to setting aside time to do homework together.

Networking: building a community within the student body who can easily communicate with each other and organize events or activities. It allows for event planning that increases school spirit, encourages teamwork, and promotes loyalty among students who have graduated from the institution.

These are just a few of the many reasons why a dedicated mobile app is ideal for schools. Today’s technology helps make our everyday tasks easier, it helps organizations and businesses run more smoothly and efficiently, it stands to reason that schools would like to reap the same benefits. After all, if we can improve how schools function with a mobile app suited to its needs, why not make use of it?

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