Children whose parents are involved in their school lives have always had an academic edge. Frequent communication with parents can result in improved student behavior and performance, as well as a better overall experience for both parent and child.

Schools constantly strive for improved communications and use many different avenues to reach out to parents. When communications are timely and consistent, schools and teachers are better equipped to manage their parent interactions. Parents are also more apt to listen and respond to the school’s requests in a consistent manner.

In a recent survey of parents across schools in the US, parents said that schools tended to over-communicate, leaving parents were facing a situation of receiving a great deal of information that wasn’t directly relevant to their child.

Parents are just as busy as teachers, and are forced to juggle their personal, professional and social lives with the lives of their children. Schools should communicate in a way that makes parents want to listen, by keeping their messages clear, concise, compelling and timely.