It is very interesting to watch the phenomenon of internet social media unfold as a communication tool in Schools. Social media is a norm these days, especially with the newer generation of parents and teachers. Teachers and Schools create Facebook pages to post and convey everyday happenings in the classroom. Infact, a teacher commented on my previous blog titled “Are schools embracing technology and social media to communicate with parents?” explaining how useful technology and social media is in communicating with parents.

Although social media meets the needs of a school/teacher in conveying simple information, it is not comprehensive enough to address other needs such as RSVPs, Sign-ups, Parent teacher conference scheduling, Incident reports, Lunch menus, Calendaring, homework reports etc. Internet social media is a point solution, providing part solution. Moreover, there is the threat of mistakenly posted personal status update information on the school/class social media page by a teacher/School, causing a glitch in the school/teachers reputation. Such glitches have been circulating in the news lately. Would a more secure, comprehensive and specific solution built for schools communication be a better option?

Rekha @ SchoolCues