Your school alumni are your most valuable resource. They are the people who helped build up and have made your school what it is today. When they leave, they take a piece of your school with them, and that’s why it’s so important to keep in touch with them. Here are five reasons why your school alumni should never be forgotten:

#1: They Can Be Your Biggest Cheerleaders

Your school alumni are some of your biggest fans and supporters. They can continue to support your school long after graduating if you keep in touch with them and let them know what’s going on. They’ll be happy to promote your school to their friends and family and help you get the word out about all the great things that are happening.

#2: Help With Fundraisers

Your school alumni can be a great resource when it comes to fundraising. They can help spread the word about your school’s needs and solicit donations from their networks. Alumni can also serve on committees or planning groups to help with event logistics and organization.

#3: Stay Connected With The Community

It is always important to stay connected with your school community. School alumni can help you do that. They can serve as a conduit between the school and the community, sharing news and events with each other. In addition, alumni can be used to connect current students with resources and opportunities in the community.

You can stay connected with your alumni by:

– Asking them to write articles or blog posts for your school website or newsletter

– Inviting them to speak at school events

– Keeping them updated on what’s going on at your school through social media and email newsletters

– Asking for their input on school decisions

– Hosting alumni events

– Creating an alumni directory

– Utilizing an alumni management system

It can be easy to lose touch with your school alumni, but keeping them close is important.

#4: Mentor Current Students

When you utilize alumni to mentor current students, you are giving them the chance to give back to their alma mater. Alumni can share their experiences and expertise with students, helping them navigate their way through school and life. This is a valuable way to connect current students with successful adults who can help them succeed.

#5: Keep The Tradition Alive

Keeping your school traditions alive is important to alumni and current students. They want to see the school continue to thrive long after they’ve graduated. Staying in touch with alumni and involving them in school activities helps keep the tradition alive and pass it down to future generations.

Alumni are a valuable resource for any school. They can provide support, financial assistance, and mentorship to current students and help keep the school’s traditions alive. It’s important to stay in touch with your alumni and involve them in the life of the school. If you do, they will continue to support your school long after they’ve graduated.

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