Overhearing my conversation with a friend, my wide-eyed bundle of energy asked me “Mom, can you juggle? Can you show me how? Do you want me to get you some balls?” My conversation with my friend had actually been about how we busy parents constantly “juggle” everyday tasks. But to my daughter, I probably do seem like a circus performer trying to stay on top of everyday tasks, a busy schedule, and the activities and happenings in her school.

Like most responsible parents, I want to be an integral part of my child’s school life. I try my best not to overlook e-mails or misplace one of the many papers from my child’s school, which are filled with valuable information, reminders about activities, upcoming events, parent-teacher meetings, parent-child activities, etc. These School->Parent emails and papers I receive are very important for me. They allow me to understand my child’s life in school and help my child’s teacher in developing a happy and successful child. Yet, with my busy life, I often misplace papers and forget to complete critical school tasks that are requested from us parents.

I have always envisioned a secure, comprehensive, online platform for schools which would contain all the tools to facilitate School-Teacher->Parent interaction and would allow for seamless communication. It would be a place where parents can login and access information received from schools whenever they want to, without having to worry about losing e-mails or misplacing paper.

We imagined the possibilities, discussed our common parental needs, and ended up with the creation of SchoolCues.com.

Now, I have one less task to juggle.

Rekha Yenamandra, School Parent