Students are spending too much time on electronic devices. This has led to students reading less than they used to. Reading is important to develop the mind– it helps students to think outside the box and be inspired by literature. Students should not watch TV or play video games all the time – they need to have a break and at least read for 10 minutes every day!

Their imagination will grow from their readings. Students can learn a lot about new topics through reading and expand their vocabularies which help them during conversations.

Students who don’t read often won’t be able to learn as many new things. Students who don’t read may fall behind in their schoolwork. They won’t be knowledgeable about the news or be learning current events if they aren’t reading any books or newspapers. Students need to know important things that are happening around them, so they shouldn’t just stay at home playing video games all day. They could also miss out on amazing books that other kids are reading around the world! Students who read more may feel more competent than those who don’t. This may help give more students confidence in the classroom.

Those who read more at home are more likely to be better-behaved students in school because they are used to learning and reading. Students should be reading to learn new things. This will probably help for their future classes or jobs. Children won’t have a boring life if they keep doing readings – it will give them great stories to talk about with others. Those who don’t read often can get behind in school.

Kids should read at various times when they have free time – maybe during a free period, lunchtime, or after class when school lets out. Students should also try to pick up a book when they have nothing else to do- they could go on the bus and read until they get home or find some other cool places and spend time outdoors. Students will develop their imagination when reading – which will help with school and studying. It is important for students to not get behind on their reading assignments because it will make the reading feel more challenging.

Teachers & parents all want their students to become smarter and develop their brains, so they should encourage reading. Students should read more books in school and at home!

Here are tips to make reading more enjoyable for students:

Tip 1: Have different reading activities every month
Tip 2: Offer a variety of topics to ensure students don’t get bored of the same material
Tip 3: Challenge students to read new and more advanced books when they are comfortable doing so.
Tip 4: Students might want to start with short stories or excerpts in newspapers/magazines

Students need to focus on reading in their free time to ensure they are using their imagination. Students can view the world differently by having more knowledge and a greater imagination from reading. Students need to step outside of their comfort zone and take a break from TV/video games. Books are good for your brain- if you read, you’ll be more intelligent than those who don’t read. Students might want to start with short stories to get comfortable with reading. Reading makes students better in class & more efficient at picking up new skills. To encourage students to read more, parents & teachers should offer rewards to students who read more books.