Schools use a lot of paper. Every day, students print out assignments, handouts, and worksheets. Teachers use the printer to create lessons and make copies of assignments. The office staff prints out memos, forms, and schedules. And every year, the school district orders thousands of pages of textbooks for the classrooms. So, how can you reduce paper usage in your school? Here, we will go over some helpful printing hacks to get you started.

The Importance of Reducing Paper in Schools

First, let’s take a look at three reasons why reducing paper usage in schools is so important:

#1: Save Money

The cost of paper and printer ink can really add up, especially for schools that are printing large quantities on a regular basis. Ink can cost as much as $75 per gallon, and paper can cost anywhere from $0.10 to $0.20 per sheet. So, if your school is printing 500 pages per day, that’s $250-$500 per day on just paper and ink alone. Cutting back on paper usage can save the school money that can be used for other purposes.

#2: Save Trees

It takes about 24 trees to produce one ton of paper. If your school can cut back on its paper usage, it can help to save trees and protect the environment. Helping the environment is essential and teaches your students the importance of taking care of the planet.

#3: Convenience

When everything is digital, it’s much easier to access and share information. You can email documents or post them online for students and parents to view. There’s no need to make copies of everything or worry about losing important papers. There are now online systems that will take care of everything for you.

These are the top three reasons why it’s so important for schools to reduce their paper usage.

Printing Hacks to Help Your School Go Paperless

Now that you know why reducing paper usage in schools is so important, let’s take a look at some printing hacks that can help your school go paperless:

#1: Go Digital

The first hack is to go digital. As mentioned before, with the rise of digital learning, there’s no need to print out worksheets and assignments anymore. Students can do their assignments online and reduce their paper usage. Teachers can find online software to distribute assignments now and post them online for students to view at any time.

#2: Use a Printer with a Duplexer

Make sure to use a printer with a duplexer. A duplexer is a device that allows you to print on both sides of the paper. This can help to reduce paper usage by 50%. You can find these printers at most office supply stores.

#3: Recycle Old Paper

If your school has a lot of old paper, don’t throw it away. You can recycle it and use it again. Many schools have started recycling programs to help reduce paper usage. You can also partner with your local recycling center to help get the paper recycled.

#4: Use E-Books

Switch to E-Books instead of paper textbooks. E-Books are becoming more and more popular and can save your school a lot of money in the long run. With E-Books, students can access their books at any time and from anywhere. They’re also much cheaper than paper textbooks.

#5: Use Online Fax Services

If your school still uses fax machines, consider using an online fax service instead. This can help to reduce paper usage because you won’t have to use paper to fax documents. You can find these services online and they’re usually very affordable.

#6: Print in Batch

If you must print, try to print in batch. This means printing a bunch of documents at once instead of one at a time. This can help to save paper because you won’t have to keep feeding the printer paper. As mentioned before, you can also set your printer to print double-sided so that you can reduce paper usage even further.

These are just a few hacks that can help your school reduce its paper usage. Implementing these hacks can help to save your school money, trees, and the environment.

Other Techniques to Make Your School More Eco-Friendly

In addition to reducing paper usage, there are other ways that you can make your school more eco-friendly. Here are a few ideas:

#1: Save Energy

Saving energy is one of the best ways to be more eco-friendly. You can do this by turning off lights when they’re not needed and using energy-efficient light bulbs. You can also save energy by setting your thermostat to a higher temperature in the summer and a lower temperature in the winter.

#2: Use Reusable Products

Instead of using paper towels, try using reusable products. There are now reusable plates, cups, and silverware that you can use. These products are much better for the environment because they can be used over and over again.

#3: Composting

Composting is another great way to be more eco-friendly. You can compost food scraps and other organic materials. This will help to reduce the amount of waste that your school produces. Make it a school project or club to compost in your school.

There are many ways that you can make your school more eco-friendly. Try implementing some of these ideas to help make a difference.

Going paperless can help your school reduce its paper usage. This can save your school money and help the environment at the same time. Try your best to make it a school-wide effort to reduce paper usage. Every little bit helps!

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