One of the challenging aspects that small schools face is payment collection. This is partly because of the shift to remote schools during the pandemic, and also because well….PARENTS DO NOT HAVE TIME! With parents quickly scrambling out the door to get to work everyday, who has the time to come into the school office to pay fees? Many schools have shifted their payments online, but still face another set of challenges. Platforms such as PayPal, Venmo, and Square come with limited functionality. For example, you cannot set up complex tuition plans on these platforms. But this does not mean that parents cannot embrace the new ways of paying fees through mobile. Over the years, SchoolCues has become the best online payment solutions for small schools. Our platform offers a very secure and convenient way to pay school fees through a mobile phone. Parents have been given an option to choose from several methods to make school payments. 

On the administrators’ side, SchoolCues has a web and app-based platform that helps small schools manage fee payments, along with other school operations such as online registrations, attendance, alerts, announcements, and other important school activities.

One of the benefits that SchoolCues offer is that parents don’t have to queue to pay school fees. Fees can be paid at any time of the day and from any location. Another benefit is that parents can check their children’s school activities such as grades, daily reports, and more.

SchoolCues has been helping to reduce the amount of time teachers spend on administrative work and also helps to improve communication between the school and parents.


Current Payment Features of Our Platform

As the best online payment solution in the market today, our platform comes with several useful features to make your school payments flexible and easy.

Easy Tuition Management: Manage tuition payments and set up even the most complex tuition plans through our easy system.

Multiple Payment Methods: Currently, SchoolCues accepts ACH, credit card, cash & check payments.

QuickBooks Integration: Integrate with QuickBooks in just minutes!

One-Time, Recurring Payments, & Auto-Pay: When setting up your payment play, you have the option to set up one-time payments (ex. Field trip fees, T-Shirt fees), subscription payments, which are recurring payments, and tuition payments. Tuition payments can also be set up under ‘Subscription Payments’. Schools also have the option to enable an auto-pay option for parents.

Over and Under Payments: A newer feature of our online payments solution is over and underpayments. This allows parents the flexibility of making an overpayment or underpayment, depending on their financial circumstances.

Payment Reports and Tax Statements: Lastly, you can generate any payment-related reports and tax statements through our system in seconds. Whether you want to print these out, or just have them saved on your computer, these reports and statements are easy to access anytime, anywhere.


Enhancing our Payments Module – Upcoming Features

Next year will be an exciting one for SchoolCues payments, as we get ready to release some new features to further simplify payments for small schools. These include:

Mobile Payments: Parents will be able to make school payments through their smartphone very soon.

Crypto Payments: As more schools are beginning to accept crypto and Bitcoin payments, we will be introducing cryptocurrency payments shortly! Schools will be able to use these alternative payment methods to pay tuition, one-time and subscription fees, and more.


SchoolCues is an all-in-one school management system for small schools with limited budgets and resources. Our solutions include admissions and enrollment, online payments, student information systems, gradebook, communications, parent engagement, donations and fundraising, alumni management, and more. Schedule a demo with us today.