Offering campus visits and tours are a great way to recruit new families. Scheduling campus tours is easy and convenient with an online school management system. Using this system, you can quickly and easily schedule a tour for prospective students and their families. In addition, you can use the system to manage your tour schedule, send reminders to tour participants, and track tour feedback.

How to Offer School Tour Scheduling Online With a School Management Software

By allowing parents to schedule campus tours online, you will have much less work to do. Here is how you can offer school tour scheduling online with a school management software:

#1: Set Up an Online School Management System

The first step in simplifying the process of scheduling campus tours is to set up an online school management system. There are a variety of these systems available, so you will need to choose one that best fits your needs. Once you have selected a system, you will need to create an account and set up your tour schedule.

#2: Choose a School Tour Scheduling Option

Once you have set up your school management system, you must choose a scheduling option for your tours. There are two main options: self-scheduling and group scheduling. With self-scheduling, prospective students can schedule their tours. With group scheduling, you will need to create a tour schedule and send it out to prospective students.

#3: Promote Your Tour Schedule

Once you have set up your tour schedule, you will need to promote it to prospective students. You can do this by sending out emails, posting flyers, or creating a webpage. Also, be sure to include your tour schedule in your school’s marketing materials.

#4: Send Reminders to Tour Participants

As the date of the tour approaches, you will need to send reminders to tour participants. You can do this through your school management system or by sending out emails.

#5: Track Tour Feedback

After the tour, be sure to track feedback from tour participants. This will help you improve your tour schedule for future tours. Ask potential families how they found out about the tour, what they liked, and what they didn’t like about it.

You can offer school tour scheduling online with school management software by following these steps. This will make it easy and convenient for prospective students to schedule your campus tour.

Information You Need From Families Before Conducting Tours

This is the information you need from prospective families before conducting a tour of your campus:

-Parent/Guardian Name(s)

-Student Name(s)

-Contact Information

-Tour Date

-Number of People in the Group

With this information, you will be able to plan and conduct tours for prospective families properly. Make sure you have this information before you even schedule the tour. This will help you avoid any confusion or problems on the day of the tour.

How to Create a Good First Impression During the Tour

You also need to know to create a good first impression on prospective families, and here is how:

#1: Greet the Family

When the family arrives, be sure to greet them. Introduce yourself and make them feel welcome. Always be friendly and polite to new families. This will help them feel more comfortable during the tour.

#2: Give an Overview of the Tour

Before you start the tour, be sure to give an overview of what they will see. This will help them know what to expect and get the most out of the tour. Having a printout or itinerary of the tour can help with this as well.

#3: Point Out Key Features

As you tour the campus, be sure to point out key features. Then, explain why these features are important and how they benefit students. For example, if you show them the library, explain how students use it and how it can help them in their studies.

#4: Answer Questions

Be sure to answer any questions that the family has. If you don’t know the answer, be sure to find someone who does. Families will appreciate your willingness to help, and it will create a positive impression of your school.

With these four tips, you can create a good first impression on prospective families during the tour. Creating a positive impression is essential because it can influence their decision to enroll their child in your school.

Next Steps

After the tour, you will need to provide prospective families with the next steps. This includes information on enrolling their child in your school, tuition cost, and deadlines. You can provide this information in a printout or an email. You can also follow up with families after the tour to answer any additional questions they may have.

Be sure to provide them with all the necessary paperwork and additional information. You can also give them a tour of the school’s website so they can learn more about the school. By providing the next steps, you can help families enroll their children in your school faster and more efficiently.

By following these steps, you can offer effective school tour scheduling online with school management software. This will make it easy and convenient for prospective students for scheduling campus tours. In addition, with school management software, you can easily keep track of all the information you need from families and the next steps!

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